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Zodiac Style: Aries

See how the first zodiac sign of the year does fashion.
Zodiac Style: Aries See how the first zodiac sign of the year does fashion.

Usually the leader of the pack, the headstrong and energetic Aries is not afraid of a little attention. These fearless, fiery, and passionate individuals know what they want and get what they want. If you're born between the dates March 21 to April 9, then you are a certified Arian. The question is, is your style in line with how a true Arian dresses up? Read below to find out. 

Symbol: Ram

Element: Fire

Celebrity Sign Sisters: Emma Watson, Kathryn Bernardo, Leighton Meester, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Kim Chiu, Kristen Stewart


  • Are trendsetters
  • Boring is not an option
  • Independent and not afraid to stand out

A fearless Arian is not afraid to wear a crop top partnered with a masculine pair of boyfriend jeans. But since leadership is in their blood, a chic blazer and sleek heels are also in order. 


A normal day at work on a summer day can best be played around with an Arian's sign colors: red, white, and black. Simply pair a striped top with a trendy and sexy skirt, finished off with killer heels.  


Boring is never an option for Arians, which is why a pair of track sole sandals, coupled by a wrap skirt and accented by fierce cat eye sunnies is the way to go. They can effortlessly put together a comfy outfit while still looking like they're on top of their game. 

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