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Zip It Shut

The low-down on Delsey’s new anti-theft zipper.
Zip It Shut The low-down on Delsey’s new anti-theft zipper.

Either you’ve heard the horror stories or experienced it first hand; a lock on your luggage doesn’t always mean your belongings will stay safely inside. Did you know that a zipper can easily be infiltrated with the use of a ballpen? It can also be re-zipped, making it look as though it was never tampered.

Watch this video to see for yourself.


This is why Delsey developed its patented Zip Securi Tech closure system, which up close looks likes a doubly reinforced zipper. Hard as you or a would-be thief may try, it’s impermeable to being forced open.

The improved zipper doesn’t tack on extra grams onto the light-weight suitcases making it a great and safe travel companion. The brand has also upped the ante of the range of designs offered letting you travel in style. (See their products here >>)

So if you’re planning to go on Holiday during the break, think long and hard about the luggage you’ll be taking with you. That extra safety measure will help keep your trip worry free!


Delsey Premium French Luggage is available at The Travel Club stores.

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