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Samsung and F&H team up in an inspiring campaign
Your Slogan Here Samsung and F&H team up in an inspiring campaign
Samsung is up to big things right now and they're zoning in on the youth, particularly the college students of Metro Manila. The tech brand has teamed up with trendy street wear label Folded & Hung (F&H) for its I Imagine campaign.

It's all about youth empowerment and seeing as today's younglings are so very tech-savvy, the contest is going happening in cyberspace at

The Game

College students, currently enrolled in this school year, can register online and post shout-outs in one of three categories (or shout out in each of the three since there's no limit to the number of entries you can submit):

Talk is for messages that express emotions, ideas, thoughts, dreams, hopes, and ambitions. You might say, “I Imagine raising the bar on what we're meant to achieve.”

Play is where you put slogans about how life is experienced through love of music, sports, fashion, and the arts. Try something like, “I Imagine walking ten feet tall in my figurative stilettos.”

Love is for shout-outs that convey how bonds are formed with family and friends through shared interests and passions. “I imagine the best day ever, with you along for the ride,” might work.

Only one slogan per category will emerge triumphant on November 30, 2009. Apart from the shout-out's creativity ((40%) and relevance to Talk, Play, or Love (40%), you can also improve your chances of winning by getting friends, and appreciative strangers, to vote for your entry, which counts for 20% of your score.

The Prize

The big deal is that the winning statements will be printed on special hoodies exclusively designed by F&H for Samsung's I Imagine campaign. The jackets will be sold in participating F&H stores around the metro and the proceeds will go to the Samsung Hope Foundation, which aims to benefit various charities.

Apart from bragging rights for the hoodies, each of the three winners, one per category, will take home P30,000 cash, the Samsung Corby mobile phone, Samsung ST500 Dual LCD Camera, Samsung CLP-315 printer, Samsung LapFit LD190G monitor, 5 Samsung I Imagine hoodies to keep or give away, and P10,000 worth of gift certificates from F&H. Even the schools of each winner will benefit as Samsung will be giving the respective colleges an LCD monitor.

It's a bit of a giving spree really. Everyone who registers at to either post a shout-out or simply vote gets a raffle entry. Winners will be drawn on December 15, 2009 and they'll be giving away up to 500 Samsung I Imagine hoodies, 20 Samsung phones and 20 Samsung DVD players.

It's fun things like this that'll make ineligible yuppies wish they were back in college again. Good luck to all and let the imagining begin!

—Isha Andaya, Managing Editor.
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