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Your Foolproof Guide to International Clothing Sizes

Your Foolproof Guide to International Clothing Sizes
IMAGE Gab Gutierrez
No more confusion!

While casually shopping around one day, I spotted the perfect pair of mom jeans hanging in a store, and in my excitement, I grabbed the first pair in my size. Spoiler: it was a pretty unpleasant way to find out that an Australian 6 is not, in fact, equivalent to a US 6—failing to process the difference right away, I stood in the dressing room sans pants, baffled as to how I could have possibly gained ten pounds over the course of a day (the jeans wouldn't go up past my thighs, okay). I was horrified.

My point here? Sizing can get extremely confusing, especially when we're talking continent shifts. To save you (and me) the despair of squinting at rows of microscopic text on clothes labels, we've put together a cohesive guide to international clothing sizes and what they mean in your respective region. You're welcome!


IMAGE Gab Gutierrez

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