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You’ll Never Want to Get Out of Bed After Slipping Into These Pyjamas

Three fresh grads conceive the sleepwear brand of their dreams.
You’ll Never Want to Get Out of Bed After Slipping Into These Pyjamas
IMAGE Courtesy of Aurora Designs
Three fresh grads conceive the sleepwear brand of their dreams.

While there’s nothing quite like a worn-out tee to snuggle into at the end of the long and tiring day, a pair of silk pyjamas is a simple luxury you can treat yourself to when it’s time to retire to bed. Aurora Designs’ founders Bea LimKatrina Chua, and Camille Denuna talk to us about the story behind their brand and why investing in sleepwear should be a no-brainer.

IMAGE Courtesy of Aurora Designs

What’s the story behind the brand?

“It started with three girls fresh out of university in search of the perfect sleepwear and loungewear brand. We all realized that none of us had any ‘go-to’ brands in the Philippines. When one thinks of sleepwear, two things usually come to mind: It’s either you choose to buy perfectly sewn silk pyjamas in a [high-end department store] but risk draining your monthly salary or you could opt to buy pyjamas in cheaper department stores but risk being faced with the disappointing reality of poor fabrics and sloppy designs that don’t exactly exude your fashion-forward style. We wanted a compromise—something in between those two options. We wanted to create a brand that housed sleepwear that was a bang for one’s buck but stylish at the same time.”

Why did you decide to focus on sleepwear/loungewear?

“As women ourselves, we know how important ‘me time’ is. Whether it's time for sleep, time for some Netflix or just resting on your bed. We all know that every girl has a set of black dresses she turns to whenever she’s headed for a night out. We wanted to do something similar but with sleepwear. We wanted to create a perfect set of bedroom staples for the modern Filipina. Comfortable, stylish and timeless pieces you can rely on time and again just like that little black dress.”

IMAGE Courtesy of Aurora Designs

What's the inspiration behind your brand's aesthetics? Who do you picture wearing your products?

“Aurora Designs is all about understated elegance coupled with that youthful spirit. The founders have a penchant for all things timeless and we believe in withstanding that ‘to and fro’ nature of trends. Anyone can wear our products—from tweens to grandmothers. Your age shouldn’t dictate what you can and can’t wear and our pieces can be worn by anyone with enduring style.”

Why do you think people should invest in sleepwear (rather than sticking to their hole-y, lived-in shirts)?


“Because we believe that your clothes are a reflection of you—and this idea extends to what you wear to the bedroom, as well. There’s a ripple effect hinged on looking good and feeling great. Why not give your self-esteem a boost and invest in the right pieces that make you feel great? Also, there’s a common misconception that beautifully designed pieces of clothing tend to be uncomfortable. Aurora Designs is all about breaking that stigma and expanding that sartorial confine of that ‘big old org shirt’ back from your college days. You do not have to sacrifice aesthetics for comfort, we believe these two should go hand in hand.”

Who is the Aurora girl?

“The Aurora Girl is someone who is unapologetically feminine, youthful, and powerful at the same time. She fearlessly withstands trends and is inherently elegant. Picture Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Queen Rania of Jordan, and Amal Clooney—an impactful woman who is proud of her audacious female energy.”

IMAGE Courtesy of Aurora Designs

What makes you different?

“What sets us apart is that we aim to provide affordable luxury. We provide our customers with all things luxury from design to quality—without burning a hole in their wallets.”

What should a first-time buyer purchase from your store?

“We would suggest the Gabrielle set in Daisy White or Midnight Blue. It’s perfect for sleepovers or cozy nights in.”

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