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Yes, You Can Wear Colored Jeans in 2018 and Here’s How

Forget the dated, circa 2008 way.
Yes, You Can Wear Colored Jeans in 2018 and Here’s How
Forget the dated, circa 2008 way.

Colored jeans are a thing of the past, you're saying. I am so not reliving the shudder-inducing aughts, you're saying. Will you quit talking for a sec and lend us an ear? Tinted denim is back, and it's taken some brand new shapes, all of which will instantly make you swerve in your lane. To ease you in, ogle this summery look care of Laureen Uy:

First order o' business would be to address the change in silhouette. While the 2000s iteration of the trend saw pants skintight, 2018 boasts the delightfully contrasting wide-leg. We've fallen for this styling suggestion by Copenhagen-based label Ganniwhite jean jacket (ideally buttoned up and worn as a top!) and lavender floor-sweepers.

In case your eyes haven't turned into literal hearts yet, check out Reese Blutstein's citrus-flavored cool-kid take. Just toss on a black band tee, some really interesting brogues, and a little plaid clutch.


Of course, volume isn't everyone's thing. If you're part of that percent, might we suggest these sorbet-hued capri pants from Tibi? Or should we call them, for nostalgia points, pedal pushers?

Whatever moniker you choose, this knee-baring cut is also back, so we'll have two throwbacks in one go, please.