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Yes, You Can Have A Career In Fashion!

You can have that fantasy job after graduation. Be it designing, styling, or writing, the options are endless.
Yes, You Can Have A Career In Fashion! You can have that fantasy job after graduation. Be it designing, styling, or writing, the options are endless.

How many of you wanted to pursue careers in the creative industry but were too skeptic to choose it as a college major? A lot of people, parents included, are always second guessing art courses. Most think that it’s just more of a hobby and not as stable as the corporate field due to lack of a formal “structure.”

Young designer Esme Palaganas recalls her parents being skeptic about her taking up fashion design at first. “I come from a family of doctors,” she says. “It wasn’t an expected choice especially at that time where people were just starting to be acquainted with careers in fashion.” I, too, placed my bets when I decided on a major, limiting my options to just three schools that offered fine art degrees. As it turned out, I did land a job in the creative field and though it may not have been exactly aligned with my course, a great deal of things that I learned in college still helps me get by with the daily grind.


“Design is a wide and varied field,” says Amina Aranaz-Alunan, designer and co-founder of the SoFA Design Institute. “Once seen as a vocational course, but is now rapidly changing. The world has seen immensely successful designers in these various fields.” 

Students rendering their desings with the used of mixed media.

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A sample of a flat sketch by a student of a bag design from Gucci.

But is it truly necessary to formally study it? Artists just create, right? True, I felt that I could have been spared from the long hours of sewing, pinning, and drafting. But without learning these technical skills, we wouldn’t be able to execute fictional designs that are aesthetically pleasing. People have always had the illusion that designers just sketch and give it to a team of workers to bring their design to life. Truth is, you really do need to educate yourself with these technicalities because it’s the only way you’ll be able to explain to your team how things are made. It’s just like an engineer laying out plans and explaining it to the workers, a congressman drafting bills and defending it, or a coach calling out the plays.


Okay, so obviously there is more than meets the eye when it comes to designing. There are a lot of theories and practical applications that need to be mastered before you can go into working. But what is the assurance that you’ll find something stable after graduation? Preview’s Creative Solutions Art Director Kat Veloso says, “The great thing about taking up Arts and Design as a course is that there is a wide range for on-the-job trainings so you get to try out and see which field you most enjoy doing whether it be with publishing, advertising, etc.”


A sample of the many plates created by the students.

Apart from practical classes, students also learn the different theories behind design with the help of lecture classes.

Now that’s settled, it’s time to pick the right school. More than the prestige that comes with the name, choosing where to study is just as crucial as picking the course. Decide on a school that you feel will max out your potential and open the doors to your chosen field of work. SoFA, for example, offers diploma programs in Accessories Design and Furniture Design apart from their degree programs in Fashion Design and Marketing and also Interior Design. These courses (both short and extensive) offer students the foundational knowledge they need as a launch pad for their careers to take off.


SoFA provies a the perfect enviroment for students to let out their creativity.

So if you’re still iffy about pursuing that dream of yours to work in creative, shake it off and take the leap. I assure you that nothing will happen unless you go for it and just like any other course, there will be mentors to guide you and help you out after graduation. 


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