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Yes, This Is a Shoe

Meet Gucci's new Muppet.
Yes, This Is a Shoe Meet Gucci's new Muppet.

Meet Chewbacca and George's (Pauline Juan’s furry Brother Vellies companion at #Preview20) second cousin, twice removed: Gucci’s Princetown slip-on loafer. This little bit of trouble raised some brows at the Fall 2015 show with its long and shiny goat hair make, fastened with the label’s signature horesebit detail. Think of it as a way to make even the hottest and roughest pavements feel like a carpet.

For those of you brave enough to sport these furry babies, here are three swinging outfits with the same ‘70s flair of Gucci’s Fall 2015 collection:


(floral blouse, P2,595, Zara; suede dress, P3,995, Zara)

The time has come when we can finally layer again. For those with little faith in the weather forecast, an easy way to cover up would be wearing an airy long sleeved top under a thicker dress. The combination of light and heavy materials is perfect for the bipolar climate.

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(Suede flowy dress, P2,590, Mango; Denim culottes, P2,595, Zara)

Give life to your faded blue jeans by wearing a dress over it. It might seem a bit too much but the trick to it is balancing your proportions. Just make sure the dress is at the right length: right on the knee.


(Embroidered kimono, P5,490, H&M; V-neck blouse, P1,190, H&M; Women cotton blended ankle length pants, P1490, Uniqlo)

Break up the monotony of mixing prints by choosing pieces with contrasting patterns. Style them in neutral tones to make it more cohesive. The last thing you want is to look like you got dressed in the dark.

The Gucci Princetown slip-on loafer retails for P88,652 and is available at Nordstrom. Click here to purchase it.

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