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Work Wear Diaries: Vicky Velasco

Fully Booked’s window dresser is a stunner herself.
Work Wear Diaries: Vicky Velasco Fully Booked’s window dresser is a stunner herself.

Window displays redefine everything we ever thought about window shopping. Those eye-catching art installations stop us in our tracks, and perhaps unconsciously, compel us to enter the stores. Same is true with Fully Booked’s whimsical store windows. One day it’s bubblegum-colored flower cutouts, the next it’s paper airplanes made out of book pages.

Interestingly enough, there’s a young lady behind the book shop’s eye-catching window displays. Visual Merchandiser, Vicky Velasco, gives shoppers and mall-goers an experience of the store even before stepping in. But while she dresses up these store windows that can stop pedestrian traffic with her out-of-this-world, compelling concepts, Vicky herself dresses up with panache—a stunner in her easy cool style.

Read on to get to know Vicky Velasco more and click on the photo gallery to see more of her style.

What exactly do you do?

I'm the Visual Merchandiser for Fully Booked.  I've been making their window displays for a few months now, and just recently, they've hired me full-time to handle everything else in the store that you see.


How did you get into this career path? Is this something you've always wanted?

I was a production designer and stylist for two years, making sets, props and costumes for videos; and window displays were always something that interested me since I was a student.  While I was in production, the prospect of actually being able to create them wasn't so far-fetched anymore. Last year, I finally got the guts to really look for this job.

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