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Work Wear Diaries: Sunnies Studios' Martine Cajucom

Sunnies Studios' Creative Director talks about her wardrobe staples and hoarding tendencies.
Work Wear Diaries: Sunnies Studios' Martine Cajucom Sunnies Studios' Creative Director talks about her wardrobe staples and hoarding tendencies.

If you’re a follower of Sunnies Studios on Instagram then you’ve probably double tapped those adorably stylized posts on their grids. Another thing worth double tapping on are the #OOTDs that their four big bosses post.

Giving a new spin on our Work Wear Diaries, we turn the spotlight to the girls and guy of this fast growing eyewear empire and see what tips we can get when it comes to dressing for work. Creative Director Martine Cajucom is first to step up to the plate as she shares her wardrobe must-haves and office outfits. Go on, scroll down and take a look.


A permanent laidback vibe lurks around their work space which allows everyone to come as they are. Here, Martine wears a vintage jumpsuit over a shirt from Nike and a pair of sandals from American Apparel.

What’s one trend you love right now?

I actually try to shy away from the word “trend”. A lot of the things I like today are still the things that I liked 15 years ago. I even have stuff in my closet that goes that far back. But I guess I could say that the overall themes that I like are color, pleats, things inspired by uniforms, cartoons, and fun, whimsical stuff.

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The chill atmosphere allows the Sunnies team to get casual with their work outfits. On days where she isn't wearing heels, Martine opts for a pair of sneakers from Superga paired with a denim dress from Wrangler and a Topshop jacket.

Who are you currently stalking?

I stalk a lot of people on Instagram (secretly) but I could say that I like to follow Kiko Mizuharashe. She can wear a gross Tommy Hilfiger pullover and make it look amazing so I super love her.

Is there anything you like to collect in particular?

Honestly, I’m a big lipstick hoarder.


Martine's top lippies include Ever Bilena, Illamasqua in Flare, Lucas' Papaw ointment, and Mac Lipsticks in Kinda Sexy and Lady Danger.

So you’d call yourself a hoarder?

I wouldn’t say that. I like to shop smart. I used to be a hoarder in my early 20s. When you reach your mid to late 20s you’re like “no, you are not going to buy these frivolous things.” You’re going to need stuff that you are going to wear to the ground and things that you get your cost-per-wear out of.

What would you say your biggest splurge is?

I would say shoes and bags.


A classic pair of slacks is a go-to staple for this working girl. Here, Martine pairs her American Apparel trousers with a Tiyasa top and Sonia Rykiel sandals.

What’s your latest?

The shoes are definitely Miu Miu because they’re always so comfortable and cute. They design for women and that’s another design sensibility that I like. I don’t dress to attract men, I dress for myself. I think that’s very much part of Miu Miu. It’s whimsical and cute and above all they’re comfortable. They’re above six inches but you can wear them from day to night.

So how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

The truth, I’d say maybe a grand total of five minutes.


Yeah! I have pretty much a number of go-to staples that I wear for work. It’s a lot of basics and perfect-fitting denim, fitted slacks, sandals, and brogues or oxfords that are comfortable and let me move around. They can take you from meetings to dinners. It’s all about curating your closet to things that you already know look good on you that you don’t even have to think about.


Sometimes getting dressed in the morning is like a tremendous commitment so if you have just 10 closet staples that you know will look and feel good, you can mix and match with properly then that I think is essential to building an easy wardrobe. I think the most stressful thing is saying “what do I wear?” It’s such a hassle.


Martine can't live without a basic white tee, a pair of cutoffs, sleek trousers, jeans, and a white button-down inside her closet.

What’s the one accessory you feel like you can’t live without?

Sunglasses! There are so many mornings where I can’t be bothered to put on mascara and the quickest way to just look decent is through a pair of sunnies.


Photos by Koji Arboleda

Hair by Cats del Rosario

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