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Work Wear Diaries: Sunnies Studios' Georgina Wilson

What does a girl like George wear to work? Find out here.
Work Wear Diaries: Sunnies Studios' Georgina Wilson What does a girl like George wear to work? Find out here.

Yesterday we gave you a peep into the office wardrobe of Sunnies Studio’s Creative Director Martine Cajucom. Moving along, Marketing Director Georgina Wilson shows us how she dresses for work as she shares to us how it’s like to be working in a freely creative space.

Now a lot may think that she’s high-maintenance but truth be told, she’s the complete opposite. With a fixation on basics and a down-sized beauty routine, Georgina is all about keeping things chill and low key. Read on and see how she transforms from “it” girl to working girl as she shares her wardrobe musts and her fixation on blazers.


Boring office wear are non-existent at the Sunnies HQ. On lazy days, George likes to keep it casual with a pair of denim cutoffs from Levi's. Here she dresses it up with a striped pink button-down from Kitsune and Jil Sander brogues.

So tell us, what are you currently into?

It’s not really a trend-based thing but I really like basic stuff. I’m obsessed with anything scandinavian.

What’s the one thing you gravitate towards when shopping?

Belle [Daza] actually put me on a blazer ban. I am obsessed with them. Right now I’m into matching stuff like matching sets. But generally, I just have too many blazers in my closet. I just really hoard everything.

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Georgina's fixation on blazers can be seen in her various #OOTD posts.

Would you consider yourself a hoarder?

Not really.

So what’s your one biggest fashion splurge?

Before it used to be bags and then I moved to jewellery.

So what’s a typical work look like at the Sunnies HQ?

I think what’s really fun about our office space is that anybody can wear whatever they want because it’s a company that’s really on top of the trends. We’re really just so liberal so you can basically wear anything you want to the office. We encourage them to dress up and to take OOTDs and just really embrace the culture and have fun with dressing up.

If you could generalize your team’s aesthetic, how would you describe it?

Everyone really has their own unique style. Each person is really different so box it out would be quite hard.


George currently has a fixation on leather skirts which lends a feminine touch to her OOTDs. Here she pairs a skirt from Topshop with an Alexander Wang striped shirt and Marni shoes.

What’s the one accessory you can’t live without?

I’m always in diamond earrings. I feel like that’s pretty much a staple for me.


Georgina's closet staples:

1. Basic black and white tees

2. Denim shorts and leather skirts

3. High-waisted jeans

How long does it take you to get ready for work?

I actually never wear makeup to work. Like I literally wake up in the morning then head to work. Sometimes I’d get there with my hair wet. But it really doesn’t take me too long to get prepped. I’ll usually put makeup on in the car.


Photos by Koji Arboleda

Makeup by Pong Niu

Hair by Cats del Rosario

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