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Work Wear Diaries: Sunnies Studios' Bea Soriano And Eric Dee

Meet the stylish couple that completes the quartet running Sunnies Studios.
Work Wear Diaries: Sunnies Studios' Bea Soriano And Eric Dee Meet the stylish couple that completes the quartet running Sunnies Studios.

They say sharing is caring and who better share a business with than your better half? Bea Soriano and Eric Dee share more than just the workload when it comes to running Sunnies Studios; they share style tips with each other, too. He claims that she’s been a big influence to his style’s growth while she loves to claim things from his closet. And with a fast growing business like their sunnies empire, their relationship as a couple and business partners only gets stronger. Read on and see how sweet things can get between the two lovebirds.


If there's one thing Bea can't get enough of it's a good set of coordinates.  Here she wears a Stella McCartney blazer with shorts from Lavish Alice, a shirt from Sosio. and shoes from Prada.

It's no secret that Eric Loves to layer. Here he layers shirts from Cos and wears it with jeans from Zara and sneakers from Common Projects.

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I know it’s a bit cliché but how would you describe your personal style?

Bea: I actually still don’t have an answer to that. [Laughs]

Anything you guys like in particular?

Bea: Well, I really like loose fitting things. I’m not exactly into those tight bondage dresses. I’d rather wear something that’s more convenient from day to night so I like wearing outfits that I can easily dress down for the day and switch up for the night just by changing my shoes, bag, and jewelry.

What kind of outfit would that be?

Bea: A pair of jeans paired with a cute top. I can easily dress it down during the day with a pair of sneakers or sandals and just to go out I’d probably change into pumps.

Eric: Jeans or joggers, comfortable sneakers, and a nice button down.

Eric, how have the girls influenced your personal style?


We used to travel a lot and they would tell me what to buy and I would have to have it approved by my three girlfriends. They always tease me about my OOTDs. [Laughs]

What trend do you like seeing on girls?

Eric: Well going to the office I see three different stylish ladies every day so basically my taste has evolved though time and it still continues to evolve.


Bea loves wearing things that she can easily take her from a day at the office to a night out. She'd transfrom this pullover from Another and jeans from Zara with just a change of shoes or accessories.

Some of the many things that Bea steals from Eric's closet are his chambray button-down such as this one from Cos.


Bea, is there a particular look you feel like you would never try?

Definitely bondage dresses. I mean I did try them out way back when it was a thing. I guess some people just have the body for it – which is great, for them – but I personally just like it when my clothes are loose. I feel really comfortable and like I could more.

You also mentioned jewellery. What accessory in particular are you into right now?

Bea: Honestly I only have two must-haves. The first would be men’s watches so I just borrow from my dad. The second would of course be sunnies – I need a pair every day.

So let’s talk about style inspirations. Whose Instagram posts do you love to double tap?

Bea: I wouldn’t say there’s one particular person but I just love seeing street wear in general. I’m more interested in what’s happening outside the streets of fashion shows. I find it very fascinating to see individuals come up with really interesting outfits.


What’s the one thing you can’t help but splurge on?

Bea: I’d splurge on things that I know I could wear often and would last me through time. A nice coat would be a good example of that or even a blazer. Also, definitely, pants. I have something going on for a really great good pair of pants.

What’s your current fashion fixation?

Bea: I like a lot of Alexander McQcqueen and Stella McCartney. Right know I’m super into the Stella McCartney platform sneakers. The black ones are just so cute!

How fast does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Bea: Without hair, probably like 10-15 minutes. I’m very chill. I like putting on sunblock all the time and I just wear whatever I feel like wearing in the morning. I don’t really plan my outfits. I usually just look at the weather and take into consideration how I want to feel throughout the whole day.


Eric: I actually think about my outfit the night before. No, I’m kidding! [Laughs] I dress up pretty fast. I’m in the bathroom for five minutes and I’m good to go.

Do you have a strategy when it comes to dressing up?

Bea: For me, if you know what’s in your closet then it’s easier for you to mix and match. I really believe in buying pieces that you can just wear with a lot of other things. You should build on that collection and from there, if it’s all laid out properly, dressing up would be such a breeze.

Eric: It really depends on what we have planned for that day. Most of the time, I wear something that can take me from meetings to checking the stores, something very comfortable and easy to move in.

So if someone were to sum up your style just by looking at your closet, what would their conclusion be?


Bea: “This girl has a lot of pullovers and pants and too little dresses.” [Laughs]

Pants are a definate closet must for Bea. Here she wears colored trousers from Zara and pairs it with a Topshop top, an ASOS jacket, and Miu Miu shoes.


Eric says it isn't impossible to wear layers in the Philippines. Light and breathable materials are perfect for piling on. Here he wears a dark blazer over a light-colored shirt, both from Prada, and pairs it with printed shorts from Zara and loafers from Tod's.

As a couple do you have a shared aesthetic?

Eric: Well, when we dress up there are a lot of times when we come out of the bathroom and we’re wearing the same thing.

Bea: Yeah! Sometimes he even asks me to change! He would tell me that people might think we’re dancing because we have the same color palette.

Eric: Actually, it happens a lot of times.

Well that must mean you guys are pretty in sync.

Bea: It’s really mostly me because when I see him wearing something cute and with the way that he combines things I think “okay, I need to get that top.” He’s really good with layering and I really get key points from him.


Eric: One time I bought a really nice pair of white sneakers and the next day she bought herself the same pair. [Laughs]

Is there one outfit of his that you super love?

Bea: Oh gosh! I love his Common Projects sneakers. I’ve been wanting them for so long.

Eric: But I won’t let her because we’d be too identical.

Bea: I know! But I really want them!

What’s your favorite look on her?

Eric: She dresses really well so I always get pressured. I really like it most when she just dresses down. Normally like a pair of jeans and flats.

Not heels? [Laughs]

Eric: Nope. We’re past that stage. [Laughs]

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