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Work Wear Diaries: Ginggay Joven-dela Merced

The PR princess lets us in her closet.
Work Wear Diaries: Ginggay Joven-dela Merced The PR princess lets us in her closet.

For someone who's often behind-the-scenes, looking all posh and made-up seems the least of priorities. Although it's really no excuse to get out of dressing up, there's something laudable about taking time to make yourself look good. But if you're as effortless as Ginggay Joven-Dela Merced, General Manager of Visions and Expressions Publicity and Special Events, you certainly have our two thumbs up.

At work, Ginggay gets fashion-obsessed editors, into a, well, fashion frenzy with all the big name brands she handles; at the same time, she leaves us inspired by her fuss-free yet vibrant style.

In this second installment of the Work Wear Diaries series, we turn the spotlight on Ginggay as she lets Style Bible take a peek into her work wear wardrobe. Read on.

What exactly do you do?
Tactician, translator, and telephone directory.

Tactician because there is a lot of back-end strategizing that goes behind every campaign we do. People see the end result. The work that goes behind that can truly be a painstaking process.

Translator because clients know their message, but sometimes, not all of them are savvy enough to know how to make the message appealing to influencers, whether it be media, celebrities, and so on. So we decode their message for them to make it a viable, newsworthy story.

Telephone directory is something I joke about often. But in PR, there is a lot of truth to that joke. However, it's one thing to know someone's number, but it's another thing for that person to actually take your call.

Nature of the job? It boils down to promotions. Someone once told me, “So you're part of this entire marketing conspiracy that makes people buy things we actually don't need.”

I looked at her bag. It was a Kate Spade. I looked at her shoes, they were Tod's. I looked at her cellphone, it was a Samsung. So, I smiled back at her, “I guess I did my job well.”

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