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Work Wear Diaries: Ann Jacobe

Style Bible takes a peek into Ann Jacobe's closet.
Work Wear Diaries: Ann Jacobe Style Bible takes a peek into Ann Jacobe's closet.

It is one thing that a career woman is just a cup of coffee away from her next big deal, it is another that she outstandingly dresses up for work like a true tastemaker. It's looking more and more that the power women in our society have enviable platforms and portfolios and we'd like like to turn the spotlight on to ladies whose personal style we could only admire.

In this three-part series of Work Wear Diaries, we're giving attention to fashionable working girls, who, in between client calls, field work, erratic schedules, and what not, have managed to look their best—stellar, stylish, and simply elegant.

First up is Ann Jacobe, whose wardrobe is certainly worth your envy. Despite being in the male-dominated and fast-paced bubble of the Information Technology industry, Ann never compromises on personal style. Why, she was also a recent Style Star winner.

Read on to get to know more about this stylish professional.

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What exactly do you do?
My company is engaged in Web and Mobile Application Development. I am in-charge of the company's operations including Technical, Marketing and Administration. I act as the System Designer/Analyst identifying our clients' requirements, designing the system and coordinating with my programmers and web designers for implementation.

How did you get into this career path? Is this something you've always wanted?
I am an Electronics and Communications Engineer and I took my Masters in Information Technology. It was my dad's influence; he is also in the field of Electronics.

I have always been fascinated by technology ever since I was a kid. The development in computers has led me to study further and the innovation in mobile technology has led me to establish my own company to provide mobile applications integrating it with online or web-based applications.

What's your daily routine/schedule like?
My day usually starts at 6:00am. I go online to check the web and my email for current events and trends, whether it be technology or fashion. Then I have breakfast with my family. Get fixed for work and have my hair fixed by my hair stylist who comes to the house in the morning.

Work usually starts at 9:00am, which includes meetings with clients either personally or through teleconference, coordinating with admin, marketing and my technical group.

After work, I do my regular physical regimen alternating between dancing, pilates, meridian stretching, and gyrotonics.

My day ends online as well—browsing the net and checking my email.

What do you do on your spare time?
Shopping and catch up with friends

What do you do on weekends?
Go out with family to dine and shop or stay at home to organize my closet

What are your other interests?
I started competitive dancing last year. I won the national competition in Argentine Tango. Now, I'm training in Latin Dance and I'm planning to compete again this year.

Is there any fashion item you collect?

What's your favorite item in your closet?
I have a lot. Right now, I'm loving my black jersey jumpsuit because it's so easy to wear and comfortably sexy. I also love my summer shoe collection, including my denim and leopard Tributes, which are so comfortable I can wear it to a marathon. I'm also in love with my red patent Alexander McQueen knuckle-duster clutch. It's a winner!

Where do you shop for work wear?
Rockwell, Greenbelt, Rustans, Hongkong and online

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—Nikki Santiago, Fashion Assistant