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Work Wear Diaries: Andrea Amado

Between running a bakery to overseeing a makeup brand, this soft-spoken businesswoman lets her personal style speak volumes.
Work Wear Diaries: Andrea Amado Between running a bakery to overseeing a makeup brand, this soft-spoken businesswoman lets her personal style speak volumes.

If you’ve ever been to an Etude House and/or a Tous les Jours store, which both fall under one company, it’s easy to get a sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice feeling. Although the former is a beauty hub while the latter is a bakery, both shops have the same dainty, feel-good ambience. Perhaps it’s because the same could be said about the company’s lady president, Andrea Amado, who handles operations and marketing for both.

“It’s not what I thought I’d be in 10 years ago, but it’s definitely a great industry to be in. I get to sample new products and come up with activities and promotions,” shares Andrea. “I had to sample five different macaron flavors last week cooked in different temperatures!” she adds. (Ed’s note: If that isn’t a dream job, I don’t know what is!)

Obviously on top of her game, the supermom/power woman still finds time to cook for her family and friends on weekends and indulge in scrapbooking their regular family travels. Although her position in the company may come off as strong (which she is) and intimidating (which she’s not), Andrea is in fact soft-spoken, very down-to-earth, sweet, and, like her brands, everything nice.


Style Bible spent an afternoon with her as she shared the favorite items in her closet, where she shops, and what she wears to work. Read on!


From a fashion/style perspective, who do you find particularly inspiring?

I like Diane Von Fürstenberg. She's a feisty woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. She's almost always composed. And like her clothes, she's very simple and elegant.

What styles or trends are you gravitating towards now?

I used to have a lot of black, gray, and blue; [now] I'm trying to get clothes with brighter colors and other unique pieces that are well-tailored and comfortable.


Where do you shop for clothes?

I do go around the malls regularly so I frequent retail stores. Online shopping is also great. It's good to familiarize yourself with what brand fits you well. It might be risky at first but if you know your body type and size you should be fine. 

Is there any fashion item you collect?

Nothing in particular; I like clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and makeup equally. I'm not sure if that's better. It's important to be practical. If it's something pricey, I really, really have to like it.

What's your favorite item in your closet?

I got this gorgeous pink LV bag from Paris. When I saw the color, I just thought it was so me, so I got it right away.



How long does it take for you to get ready for work? 

Less than an hour; sometimes less if I'm really in a hurry. Over the years, I've learned how to apply makeup in the car. Everything except liquid eye liner—too scared to try.

How do you choose an outfit? Do you have any particular dressing philosophy/strategy?

It greatly depends to what I will do for the day, who I will meet, if it's too hot... It's important to be practical and comfortable. If not, it just ruins your day.

What's your rule for repeating clothes?

For office, it doesn't matter to me. But for attending events, you get to be more aware. Nothing the same for the same company or host.


How many pairs of shoes do you wear in a week?

It greatly depends on what I'm wearing. Normally it's the last thing I choose before leaving the house.

How often do you change bags?

Once or twice a week. Depends on what I'm wearing!

What's the accessory that you can't live without?

My phone. I'd be lost without it. My schedule, emails, everything is there.



What are the five wardrobe pieces that you wear constantly?

Kate Spade beige dress with purple print: The cut is just right and the print is very pretty. Blue DVF wrap dress: It doesn't wrinkle, which is great if you're on the go. I use it when I travel and have meetings afterwards. My D&G print dress: fit is great, doesn't wrinkle. Black Karen Millen is my LBD. My pink Miu Miu dress is great for going out at night. 

What wouldn’t you be caught dead wearing?

Something really bright, like neon anything. I don't think I can pull it off. Or leggings with loud prints. It’s just not me.

Office wardrobe tip:

Nothing too low for the top and nothing too short for the bottom. It's still the office!

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