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Why Wednesdays are for Shopping

Shopaholics, hold on to your wallets.
Why Wednesdays are for Shopping

To novice shoppers, shopping on a Wednesday doesn’t make much of a difference. But to those seasoned ones who know how to shop until they drop, #Humpdays provide the perfect playground. Why? Read on to find out why Wednesday is the new Friday!

 1. It’s the perfect mid-week pick me up.

There’s nothing like treating yourself to some retail therapy to liven up a slow week. Let’s face it, buying something new gives us girls a rush that can’t be replicated, and that’s the best cure for a bad week or a crummy mood.

2. Less people at the mall.

With the new movies gunning for Wednesday as their release date, people flock to the theater and skip the stores. Without hoards of eager shoppers blocking your way, you’ll be able to shop with ease while you sort through racks.


3. Special discounts for SM Advantage Card holders.

Okay, here’s the cherry on top of the cake—as part of The SM Store’s Girls Night Out promo, every Wednesday of the month of August entitles a 10% discount to all SM Advantage card holders with a minimum purchase of P2000. All you have to do is shop after 5PM and you receive the 10% discount.


Check out The Store Store's Girls Night Out promo mechanics for more information.

See you at The SM Store, ladies! 

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