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Here's Why Wedding Dresses Are So Expensive

Are you saving up for yours yet?
Here's Why Wedding Dresses Are So Expensive
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Are you saving up for yours yet?

The most important thing for a bride on her wedding day—aside from her partner waiting down the end of the aisle—is her wedding dress. Every bride dreams of looking every bit the queen she deserves to be on the day she says "I do." So she stresses over her piece de resistance, pours every thought into one ivory frock, and tries to save every penny, and rightfully so. Because FYI, these white dresses (that you only end up wearing once) are extremely expensive. But what accounts for their hefty price anyway?

Well, according to bridal designer Lela Rose, one of the reasons is because a wedding dress is made individually and not mass produced, with more intricate details that are very carefully executed. "It's really about the quality of fabrications, the type of embroidery, the way that it's done. And you can really tell by the way that it's done, that it was done individually, instead of being mass produced," she tells Business Insider. "There's a lot of different handwork in our gowns, so there really is this artisinal quality that makes each piece special and uniqe to its own self."


Watch the full video below to learn more. Plus, find out who started the ivory gown wedding tradition!

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