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Why Exactly Are Cashmere Sweaters So Expensive?

Watch and find out.
Why Exactly Are Cashmere Sweaters So Expensive?
Watch and find out.

Quick storytime, just to put things into personal perspective: My mother had a plush, prized Loro Piana cashmere knit she absolutely did not let me borrow until I reached my 20s. Her refusal didn't matter to me so much in my teens, mainly because cardigans weren't exactly the height of fashion back then, but now that they've stolen the hearts of Instagram's best dressed yet again, I had to wonder why exactly mama was so fiercely protective of that little yellow button-front sweater.

A quick Google search shows that a single similar piece from the aforementioned Italian luxury label costs upward of P30,000—which leaves me to reiterate, why?! Why exactly are cashmere sweaters so expensive? Here, Business Insider answers my query and yours.

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