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Why A Chanel Handbag Is The Perfect Graduation Gift

Here's how you justify that price tag, to anyone who will listen.
Why A Chanel Handbag Is The Perfect Graduation Gift Here's how you justify that price tag, to anyone who will listen.

If we were to make a list of all things Parisian that we love, it would probably take us the whole day. What’s at the top of the list though is as clear as crystal: Chanel. Luxury, quality, class, and beauty all sewn into one, the label with the interlocking Cs is probably every little fashion girl’s dream must-have or hand-me-down.

Graduation is just around the corner and if it’s a Chanel handbag that you want (a girl can dream, can't she?), scroll down to learn how to justify it to your folks. Or anyone who will listen, really.


The iconic double Cs

You say: "This bag symbolizes my own journey, ma."

The Explanation: It takes four to five years for an artisan to learn how to master the secrets to making the iconic bag. Think of it as one year for every year you spent in high school or college!

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A Chanel purse goes through over 180 steps before completion. That includes everything from picking the skin, to cutting each piece to follow a tweed pattern or the scales of an exotic leather, to the assembly.

You say: "This is an early investment, dad! My future daughter will forever be thankful to her favorite lolo."

The explanation: Quality comes with a price and there's no wrong move where a classic bag is concerned. Take it from Coco Chanel herself who said “Fashion becomes unfashionable, style never."


Always a classic: The chain, handwoven with leather ribbon.

You say: "Lola, don't you wish your grandma also bought you one way back when it was a lot cheaper?" (Don't forget your spoiled apo sweet smile.)

The explanation: You'll basically own an artifact in fashion history plus a part of Coco herself since so much of the bag's details are personal to her. 

The addition of the twist-capped "Mademoiselle" clasp demands extremely delicate manipulations.


You say: "Ninang, this can be the last gift you give to me, ever. As soon as I start working, the roles will be reversed. Pinky promise!

The explanation: The expert craftsmanship and timeless beauty of an iconic Chanel bag is worth all the pleading, hoping, and praying that someone will grant you your wishes.

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