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Who Takes The Fashion Bloggers' OOTDs?

Mystery solved!
Who Takes The Fashion Bloggers' OOTDs? Mystery solved!

Fashion bloggers have a knack for taking a great outfit shot, featuring the perfect lighting, a complementary background, and a head-to-toe pose! But haven’t you ever wondered how they manage to snap a photo of their own OOTDs? Well, your curiosity ends today.

Style Bible did all the legwork and reached out to these social media-savvy ladies. Below, Tricia Gosingtian, Melissa Gatchalian, and more of your of favorite fashion bloggers answer the question you’ve all been wanting to ask.

"My OOTDs are usually just taken by whoever is with me at that moment. I'd say half of the time, my sister takes them. Then the rest are taken by friends. If I'm at home, I'll just use a tripod.”- Melissa Gatchalian, Sartorial Panda

"Self-timer is your best friend, and well, your best friends are your best friends. I'm also lucky that my closest girl friends also have blogs so it's easy for us to take each other's photos.” - Tricia Gosingtian, Tricia Will Go Places


"I'm particular with the background or place where I shoot so I usually make an effort to drive around to scout for outfit shot locations. My boyfriend, blogger besties, or whoever's with me takes my blog/IG photos.” - Lissa Kahayon, Scene Stealer

"When it comes to snapping my blog photos, many things are important. From the location (which needs to match the outfit) to the time, as well as who shoots me, all those things matter. As for who takes my photos, it's usually between my mom and sisters. There are days I turn to my blogger besties. I even asked my boyfriend once! I feel more comfortable when someone I know shoots me. I usually turn to them when I need some OOTD-related help.”- Patricia Prieto, Paradigma

"My boyfriend, Seph Cham, is the one who takes my OOTDs. He not only knows the right framing and angles I want, it’s also like an ex-deal thing because I'm the one who takes his photos, too. Normally I prefer to be shot along sidewalks or against plain, patterned, or artsy walls. It depends on my outfit. As long as the color of my outfit stands out and is in contrast with the background, I'm fine with that.”- Trice Nagusara, La Petite

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"Usually my blogger friends take my OOTDs, especially when we're together at an event or trip.”- Rhea Bue, Shades of Style

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