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Which Diaz Girl Are You?

Are you a Georgina, a Martine, a Belle, an Ava, or a Jessica?
Which Diaz Girl Are You? Are you a Georgina, a Martine, a Belle, an Ava, or a Jessica?

They’re all pretty, smart and sassy in their own right. They’re the famous Diaz girls, and they are set to conquer the world of social media one #OOTD post at a time. But while all of them are undeniably fashionable, each one also possesses an individual sense of style.

Are you top model material, relaxed and laidback, or just effortlessly pretty? Whatever your style is, there’s a Diaz girl that perfectly embodies your fashion persona. Read on and decide for yourself if you’re a Georgina, a Martine, a Belle, an Ava, or a Jessica.


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You see the world as your runway. People look up to you as their fashion icon and you get random comments on Instagram asking for style advice. You feel like it’s your responsibility to the fashion community to always dress well even if you’re just heading out to grab a cup of non-fat coffee from Starbucks. Because, duh, what if the paparazzi suddenly shows up to photograph your #OOTD?

Style Profile: Top Model

Your Closet Staple: A Blazer



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Everyone knows that you can rock the classy hubadera look. But if you’d have to wear preppy, man-repelling pieces all your life, you still wouldn’t have a problem scoring those insta-hearts. You’re a style chameleon, and you can wear anything, including a potato sack. What matters is that you’ve got the right attitude to pull it off.

Style Profile: Fashion Chameleon

Your Closet Staple: A Buttondown Shirt


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The plain white T-shirt is never just a “pambahay” essential to you. In fact, you can style it a million different ways and make it look oh-so chic every single time. And since you’re not the type to compromise comfort for style, you’ve taken it upon yourself to master the art of looking like a model-off-duty instead.

Style Profile: Laidback Chic

Your Closet Staple: A Plain White Tee



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You never wear anything that makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable, and that’s okay because you’re naturally a cool girl who doesn’t let society dictate what’s hot or not. Laidback pieces are your ultimate BFFs! And come to think of it, they never go out of style.

Style Profile: Casual Cool

Your Closet Staple: Denim Anything


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You don't think fashion should be taken too seriously. Dressing up is supposed to be fun, which is why you don’t spend so much time over-analyzing trends and thinking about what you should wear to a date. Style is something that should come naturally, and your gut tells you to slip into the first skirt you pulled out of your closet.

Style Profile: Easy Breezy

Your Closet Staple: A Black Camisole