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Where To Shoot Your #ootn At Chaos, The New Club At City Of Dreams

Because every outfit needs a perfect backdrop.
Where To Shoot Your #ootn At Chaos, The New Club At City Of Dreams Because every outfit needs a perfect backdrop.

So there’s a new hotspot in town and you and your friends decide to check it out. You spend hours deciding on what to wear only to find out that the place is so not Instagrammable. Good thing Chaos, the newest club to open at City of Dreams, Manila is definitely IG-ready. Nestled within the Golden Egg of the venue’s casino, Chaos tickles our club fantasies by mixing the unlikely combination of acrobat dancers and world-class DJs–believe it! A thrilling experience like that deserves a shout-out on social media with a rockin’ #OOTN to boot.

Below, we checked out the place and found four spots that can be the perfect backdrop to your Friday outfit of the night—that is considering you come early, because we hear the place is packed. Take note!


Like the entrance to mount Olympus or a temple of a sun God in Greek mythology, the entrance of Chaos calls to mind a gold rush. We suggest you take the shot from below so that you can show the sick lighting that looks like a bunch of shooting stars. 

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If you're not feeling the gold, then maybe the red hallway leading to the main hall is more for you. Whether it reminds you of Game of Thrones, Star Wars, or even the red room of pain from 50 Shades of Grey, it doesn't matter; because this room will match your strong lip game, whichever way you want to compose your caption. It's actually also very vampy, if we may add. 


Show everyone how huge the hottest new spot in town is by taking your OOTD amidst the spotlights of the center dance floor. 

A club with ahrt? Perff! These fashion ed-like  installations over the marbled walls are a unique detail of the bar that you can totally use.

Your outfit peg: Emma Stone in Gangster Squad. Yup, that red dress.


Photos by Deneb Villanueva

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