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Where to Buy Timeless Wedding Rings in Manila

Find the perfect wedding bands for you and your soulmate.
Where to Buy Timeless Wedding Rings in Manila
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Find the perfect wedding bands for you and your soulmate.

Now that you’ve given your hand in marriage, a brand new story begins. What better way to open a new chapter than with lustrous wedding rings to match? Whether you’re eyeing an 18-karat yellow gold with paved diamonds or a white gold, bezel-set comfort band that matches your partner’s, we’ve got you covered with our roundup of reliable jewelers who can help you as you start your road to forever. 

Here are some of the best places in Manila where you can buy wedding rings for you and your soulmate:

1. Swarovski

When Daniel Swarovski established his jewelry business in 1895, he envisioned delivering dreamy, world-class jewelry made from the purest quality raw material. Fast forward to many decades later, his years of innovation bore fruit as Swarovski expanded and became renowned in the business of crystal cutting. With over a century’s worth of clear-cut craftsmanship embedded in every Swarovski crystal, there’s no reason why this Austrian brand isn’t a household name when it comes to wedding jewelry. From modern shapes and eccentric designs to timeless cuts and simple settings, Swarovski has proven that there is nothing too grand or too simple that it can’t deliver.


Instagram: @swarovski


Swarovski boutiques are located at selected Rustan’s department stores and Robinson’s malls nationwide.

2. Tiffany & Co.

Timeless, lustrous bands make the ultimate wedding statement, and Tiffany & Co. is the epitome of ageless class sheathed in every sparkle. Established in 1837 at the Big Apple by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John Young, the jewelry brand that launched the widely acclaimed Tiffany-set ring has been the go-to of every quintessential bride up to this day. The brand’s specialty takes form in a wide array of opulent jewelry from rings to pendants, and its dedication to transform the most brilliant diamonds into wearable, everyday keepsakes is what catapulted the brand to star status in the business of jewelry making. 

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Instagram: @tiffanyandco


Tiffany & Co. boutiques are located at Rustan’s Makati, Greenbelt 4, and Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

3. Bulgari

The way Bulgari translates its fine taste for luxury is evident in every piece of jewelry that its craftsmen create. The brand’s statement bands are purposely designed to convey stories, and if you’re a bride who’s looking for a wedding ring that can tell your tale of love, then Bulgari’s extraordinary metal creations are your answer. Established in 1884 by Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari, the brand whose cultural heritage traces back to Rome continues to manifest its legacy up to this day through every brilliant gem and colorful crystal it reimagines and transforms. 


Instagram: @bulgariofficial


Bulgari is located at The Shoppes at Solaire, GF Solaire Resort and Casino.

4. Pandora

Better known as the brand that brought us the widely coveted charm bracelet, Pandora’s long history of jewelry making and retailing dates back to the 1980s in Copenhagen, where the Danish brand humbly began. Its founders, Per Enevoldsen and Winnie Liljeborg, took inspiration from the special moments that define a woman, hence the wide selection of jewelry that fits every occasion that’s celebration-worthy. If you want to remember your marriage as one of the most essential milestones in your life, Pandora is your best shot at rekindling the priceless memories you’ll make on your wedding day. 


Instagram: @theofficialpandora


Pandora boutiques are located at selected Ayala malls and SM supermalls nationwide. 

5. JMA Jewelry

There’s much more to ring buying than just the selection and fitting, and JMA Jewelry knows that. Established in 1995 at the heart of Manila, JMA Jewelry by Suzette Malig-Ayson stands out as a brand that dedicates time and effort to educate young jewelry buyers about the ins and outs of purchasing wedding rings. Specializing in bespoke bands that reflect personal style and expression, JMA Jewelry produces rings that are customized according to each client’s own preference, making sure that every finished product is the result of a meticulous collaboration between buyer and jeweler. 


Instagram: @jmajewelry

Contact number: +63977 859 9753

JMA Jewelry is located at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong.

6. Oro China

A homegrown brand whose roots speak of years of dedication, Oro China is undoubtedly one of the most trusted jewelers in the local wedding scene. The Cebuano-borne company spearheaded by Fukian native Ng Han Hua and his wife, Lucita Villoria, has been recognized as a pioneer in jewelry making since 1967, and its evolution is attributed to the brand’s tireless devotion to its ever-growing business. If you and your partner are looking for a way to transform your taste for fine jewelry to a concrete manifestation of luxury, turn to Oro China and they’ll happily turn your wedding ring dreams into the best version of reality.  


Instagram: @orochinajewelry


For a list of Oro China locations, click here

7. Jewelmer

It’s not just the art of transforming the highly coveted South Sea pearl into wearable art that defines Jewelmer. In fact, the global brand prides itself with its wide collection of jewelry purveyed with the highest quality of prized metals and diamonds—a result of a long history of honing and elevating the founders’ deep love for the craft. Established in 1979 by a French pearl farmer and a Filipino entrepreneur, Jewelmer maintains itself as the leading name when it comes to artfully creating the finest South Sea pearl jewelry, keeping its reputation as a staple in both the local and international wedding scene.


Instagram: @jewelmer

Contact number: +63917 523 0168


For a list of Jewelmer locations, click here.

8. Cartier

The illustrious maison as the royals call it, Cartier and its withstanding history is accompanied by 172 years of resilience and unparalleled craftsmanship poured in every piece of fine jewelry. As one of the world’s most famous jewelry brands, it’s no wonder why Cartier is globally respected. Its clientele boasts of prominent names no less than King Edward VII of London and pop culture icon Elizabeth Taylor—proving time and again its credibility as a leader in the industry. Today, Louis-François Cartier’s legacy continues to be recognized in the world of luxurious, fine jewelry through every brilliant adornment that his company crafts.


Instagram: @cartier

Cartier is located at 1F, Greenbelt 4, Ayala Center, Makati City.

9. Miladay Jewels

What blossomed from the love story of its founders Ting and Mila Dayrit 53 years ago is now one of the forefronts of the country’s luxury industry. Miladay Jewels, whose name derives from one half of the duo that started it all, is a local jewelry brand that has been attracting a good number of elites and celebrities since 1966. Now managed by the second generation of Dayrits, the homegrown brand puts heart in their jewelry, making each finished product a timeless gift that speaks of dedication and love. Whether it represents an endless union or a new, blossoming love, Miladay believes that each piece of jewelry should be worn with pride. 


Instagram: @miladayjewels

For a list of Miladay Jewels locations, click here

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