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Where to Buy Stylish Flats for the Office

Where to Buy Stylish Flats for the Office
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Because comfortable shoes are always a closet staple.

There’s no denying the power of a reliable pair of comfortable shoes. Every woman has that one pair she knows she can always count on, a pair that’s been with her through an hour long morning commute or a day of pounding the pavement while exploring a new city. And while we know you’re thinking of a pair of lived-in sneakers, we want you to consider something else: a pair of stylish flats.

Dressier than a pair of tennis shoes, flats are an adaptable part of your wardrobe because of their unlimited style potential and, of course, practicality. (You wouldn’t be able to teeter around town all day in a pair of stilettos, would you?) Aside from sporting them on the weekends, you can easily switch out your office pumps with a flat pair that’s just as stylish. But here’s a little styling tip for you: It’s all about balance. If you plan on wearing flats to the office, you can easily up the ante by choosing a pair with tons of personality. Look for details like bows, straps, feathers, modified silhouettes, and other quirky features that immediately draw the eye in. This way you’re able to compensate for the lack of heel height, but will still be able to elevate your look with an unexpected detail.


That said, shopping for shoes is easy. Shopping for comfortable shoes, on the other hand, is not. Add in a little bit of online shopping and you’ve got yourself a little pickle. Before we name our favorite online haunts, here are a few tips for ensuring you get the best pair.

Things to Remember

1. Check for a padded insole.

For gals who love their evening strolls, a little padding is in order. With the help of a cushioned insole, you’ll get the proper support you’ll need for a day of walking plus the added comfort of knowing you won’t end the day with your feet in a bucket of ice.

2. Consider the shape of your foot.

Not all shoe styles are for everyone. Just like how we dress our bodies, we also need to keep in mind how to flatter our feet accordingly. Wide set feet? Forget squeezing into super-pointed styles and slip on an of the moment square-toed pair instead. Do you want to make your feet look smaller? Just like that little black dress, a black pair of shoes can help minimize the appearance of large feet.

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3. Look for foldable flats.

If you commute often and are required to wear heels or a specific type of shoe to work, it won’t hurt to have a foldable flat option in your rotation. You can stow a pair to bring around with you in your tote or keep them at your office desk for any shoe emergencies, whatever the case, they’ll always keep your feet comfy at your convenience.

4. Measure your feet.

Remember when you were little and your mom would ask for a paper outline of your foot before she went off to buy you a new pair of shoes? This technique is especially helpful for online shopping because the outline allows you to measure your foot. Simply trace an outline of your feet (yes, both of them!) onto a paper and use a ruler or measuring tape to get the width and length of your foot. If one foot is bigger than the other, use the measurements of the larger foot.


With these measurements you’ll be able to compare them with the brand’s size chart and shoe measurements, that way you can get a better idea if your foot can fit into a certain size or shoe style.

Tip: Your feet swell during the day so don’t do this in the morning. Measure your feet in the afternoon or the evening so you get the most precise measurements.

5. Don’t buy more than one pair.

If you’ve never tried anything from that particular brand, don’t go trigger happy and buy more than one pair. Start with one and if they fit after trying them on, purchase away! After all, nothing is worse than having three new pairs of shoes that don’t fit.

6. Review the store’s return policy.

As with everything you buy online, you’ll only really get to know the product (and it’s faults!) when you see it in person. If you’re about to make a purchase but find yourself second guessing your decision, it won’t hurt to read up on the store’s return policy. Check if the store allows a size exchange, a style swap, store credit, or a full refund—it’ll help you make a better decision with your purchase plus give you a bit of assurance, too!


Where to Shop

Posh Pocket Shoes

These leather, Marikina-made shoes boast of padded insoles that are double cushioned for your comfort. If you’re picky about color selection, head over to the brand’s Instagram page to find a flattering shade of blush or nude that’s sure to go with any skin tone or wardrobe. But what we really love is how each pair you purchase comes with a matching zipper pouch to use as a carrying case or a clutch! 


Rob & Mara

Made out of 100% leather, this brand caters to well-heeled men and women. If you’re looking to build your collection of basics, you can trust Rob & Mara to deliver bouncy and soft leather shoes that don’t need to be broken in and don’t cost a pretty penny, either (as most pairs are under P2000!).  



Butterfly Twists

This UK-based brand has an interesting origin story. A group of men placed a bet that had the loser sporting a pair of six-inch heels to a party. After enduring the night in towering heels, it gave the group of friends the idea for Butterfly Twists, a brand for women that prioritizes comfortable, flexible shoes without sacrificing style. 



Made with traveling in mind, these shoes were made to come along with you on your adventures. Aside from offering their sandals and flats in a number of styles and flattering colors, these Suelas shoes have padded insoles for comfort and are proudly made in the Philippines. 



Think you’ve outgrown a pair of jelly shoes? Melissa will make you think again. With numerous fashion designer collaborations under its belt (Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Scott, and Karl Lagerfeld to name a few), the Brazilian brand is a source of fun shoes in staple styles. Plus, thanks to their 100% recyclable materials, they’re guilt-free plastic shoes. 



Daily Schedule

Inspired by the ever-so-stylish women of New York, Daily Schedule’s eye-catching designs were made to be photographed in. If you’re fond of #shoefies and quirky details on your feet, then you’ve enlisted the right brand. 



If you’re an advocate of slow fashion or are transitioning to a more eco-friendly wardrobe, Andante offers made-to-order genuine leather shoes in basic styles (like oxfords and loafers) you can wear season after season. Orders usually take three to four weeks to produce, but in the end you’ll have a shoe that fits you like a glove and can withstand the test of trends and time. 


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