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Here's When You Should Never Wear Jeans, According to Anna Wintour

Take note!
Here's When You Should Never Wear Jeans, According to Anna Wintour
Take note!

Jeans have a special place in every fashion girl's closet, but there are times that your favorite pair just isn't the most proper and respectable choice. In the latest edition of Vogue's video series, Go Ask Anna, Anna Wintour specifies three instances wherein you should definitely consider skipping jeans.

"Listen, jeans are great—I love jeans! Looking at all those great-looking models on the streets wearing their jeans and T-shirts, they all look fantastic," Anna says in the video. "But I also think there are times when you need to be respectful. You should definitely not wear jeans to Buckingham Palace. Maybe at another point in history you might not want to wear jeans in the White House; and you should definitely not wear jeans when you are meeting your future in-laws for the first time."

Got that? Watch the video below and head over to the 2:35 minute mark to hear it straight from Anna herself!

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