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What Your Sunnies Say About You

What Your Sunnies Say About You They add oomph to the windows to your soul.

You know what they say about the eyes being the windows to our soul? Well, consider your sunnies the drapes that add oomph to them. In the same manner that your eyes are able to express your innermost thoughts, your frames, too, can say a lot about you. But what is it exactly that they reveal? Read on as we decode the messages behind your rose, hunter green, sky blue, or ombre tinted lenses.


Mirror lensed wire aviators: Agent Cool

What it says: “Imma get your heart racing in your skin tight jeans.”

Ah, yes. The perfect accessory to that string bikini or jeans-and-tee get up you so love to wear. Unlike its thick rimmed brothers and sisters, aviators evoke a certain nonchalance that works perfectly for those who like to hang loose and keep it easy. Not to mention, they look so badass when paired with a leather jacket while riding on a Harley. Basically, it tells the world you’ve got good taste but don’t mean to intimidate. 



Clubmasters: The true prep

What it says: “I’m a member. Are you?”

More often than not, club master wearers are usually spotted lounging by the pool bar, dressed in their pastel above-the-knee shorts, slightly wrinkled linen button-downs, and suede Gucci loafers. They, too, can be just as terminally chill as the aviators dud,e but they balance it with a rigid side that comes out during family business meetings.

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Ray-Ban wayfarers: The power player

What it says: “Please bother someone else with your boring questions” or “Have you seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s? It’s the story of my life-uh!”

Ray-Bans are a classic and so is the wayfarer style. Wearers of this may vary from different personalities but the dark, thick-rimmed frames can always be attributed to someone who means no nonsense. It's precisely why they’re the perfect accessory to cover up bloodshot eyes after a long night of partying a la Holly Golightly—plastered on a blank, expressionless face, sipping black coffee, and telling the world to eff off!


The “It” frames of the season: The style setter

What it says: “I blew good money for this pair so I might as well max it out by wearing them even in the dark.”

You know too well that trends come and go and that accessories are but a simple means of adding flavor to your outfit, which of course is expressive of your current mood. But for you, life is too short to fit into a peg. One minute it’s Balenciaga floral headband sunnies; the next, it’s dusty pink Karen Walker Hollywood Creepers. You simply can’t have enough!



Elipticals: The tastemaker

What it says: “I’m a true character.”

Not everyone can pull off rounded specs. They need to be the right size and, more importantly, you need to have the right face shape. Those who wear these often know exactly what they want and aren’t easily swayed by trends. These are the people with very defined looks unique to their personality.

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