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What Your Favorite Coffee Says About Your Personal Style

If you are a black coffee kind of girl, are you necessarily a no-nonsense minimalist?
What Your Favorite Coffee Says About Your Personal Style

There are a few things that we truly get a kick out of: a well-appointed beauty regimen, a trend we can’t wait to try ourselves, the thought of time away from routine, and pocket pleasures within the day. Speaking of pocket pleasures, the idea of spending time—even as little as an hour—to walk the aisles of our favorite shopping haunt or have a sip of our favorite brew in the midst of a hectic day is in itself a luxurious proposition. Better yet, imagine the thrill (and the kick one could get out) of combining these two ideas! 

This was exactly what we had in mind when The SM Store, together with our friends from Commune Café+Bar in Poblacion, brought to life the very first Preview Café. Not only was the popup a dream come true; it served as the perfect backdrop for the very first coffee and shopping-themed Preview Girls Club. Right at The SM Store Makati’s busy atrium and around our picks from SM Woman, GTW by SM, Sfera, Parisian Shoes and Bags, and SM Accessories, long-time Preview Girl and Commune’s very own Ros Juan facilitated a crash course on various brews and beans of local origin, while creating orders for each of our shopping-ready guests.

Sifting through racks and shelves of fashionable picks and chatting over their preferred brews were Chi Gibbs and Aira Medina of Neon Island, Thea de Rivera of 12/10 and The Girl + The Bull, stylist and restaurateur Tina Ong, make-up artist Nikki Duque, writer Leona Panutat, influencer Kaila Estrada, and improv comedy actress Chal Lontoc. (You may remember her as one of the characters in Preview’s very first viral YouTube video.) 

We pulled each one to talk about their top picks from the merchandise, their love for coffee and asked them how they best enjoy their caffeine fix. Along the way, we discovered how varied their coffee habits are, similar to how their diverse fashion sense. Who prefers quick runs over long rituals? Who wants their coffee unsweetened and who wants it with milk? Do they like having their coffee alone or with company? Does their brew of choice translate to their style of dress? Watch the video and find out who you can relate to the most.



This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with The SM Store.