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What to Wear with Your Denim Shorts This Summer

The answer to your denim dilemma.
What to Wear with Your Denim Shorts This Summer The answer to your denim dilemma.

The only trend that continues to traverse decades, erratic weather changes, and different occasions is denim. From our dungarees, to skinny jeans, to button-front skirts, we can never run out reasons to love it. What may be scarce, however, is what to pair them with. This becomes of increasing concern for every fashion girl as daisy dukes are a summer staple. While we wish to don them everyday, constantly racking our brains out trying to decide how to work them into our OOTDs isn’t an idea we look forward to. In fact, the thought alone compels us to create an ensemble around another piece altogether.

But before you let out a sigh and put those perfectly fit shorts back into the closet, allow us a chance to convince you otherwise. We’ve looked to the celebs for style inspiration and have found ways to wear and re-wear the beloved pair minus the fashion apprehension. 





Denim is an effortlessly cool piece. Even with its simplicity, it can dare to be edgy at the same time. Now what better way to complement this than with a graphic tee? This ensemble offers a casual look that gives off a relaxed vibe without trying too hard.


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If you sought out your denim cut-offs because of the unbearable weather, then we suggest you pair it with a breezy camisole. Not only does its loose silhouette exempt you from the sweat and sticky sensation that comes with this heat, but also stamps you as a classy hubadera.





Denim shorts and strappy sandals go together like peanut butter and jam, or Nadine Lustre and James Reid. Needless to say, it’s the perfect pair. But if you’re looking to go full-summer with this trend, then we recommend stepping up your footwear game to high-gladiator ones. The way these sandals rise up to the legs against the mini length of the shorts almost gives the illusion of lampshading. We’ve made adjustments to fit the season, of course.




Now if you still haven’t been converted, how many articles do we have to make to emphasize the wonders only a one-piece swimsuit can bring? The maillot’s body-hugging silhouette easily accentuates your curves and gives the illusion of a beach-ready bod. Plus, it’s an essential especially for the water babies. After a soak in the sea, wear your denim shorts after drying up and you’re good to go!





Before you argue with us that sweaters have no place in this weather, let us explain our side. We simply want to give those who will be spending the day in an air-condoned place an option to keep them warm. A loose chunky sweater with distressed shorts make for a laidback yet slightly dressy outfit that’s cozy and cool. 




The delicate texture of the lace contrasts perfectly with the rugged and distressed denim. For the girly girls looking for a dainty touch to their outfits without having to go too feminine, then this ideal OOTD was made for you. Trust us on this one because we’ve got Preview cover girls in our examples to back us up.





If all else fails, go with a plain white tee. After all, it’s a closet staple for women and men alike. If you’re on the go and are faced with the dilemma of not knowing what to wear, then sport a white shirt and you’ll be out the door in no time. We can assure you that no one would think that your chic outfit was a no-brainer to curate. 

Main photo from @_gabbigarcia, all photos from Instagram

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