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Here's What to Wear with Layered Necklaces for Your Next OOTD

Here's What to Wear with Layered Necklaces for Your Next OOTD
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Unless you've been on a social media cleanse for the past few months (although we kinda doubt it), then you're probably aware of the layered necklace trend that's been taking over our feeds. From golden pendants, pearl drops, to zodiac charms, people have been adorning themselves with the daintiest bijoux they could get their hands on.

Although we acknowledge the fact that this trend shall pass sooner or later, we reckon it has the potential to become a well-loved classic, a.k.a. it'll be an accessory technique you'll master and embrace over and over again! However, given the plethora of designs and chain lengths, it can be tricky to find tops to match your jewelry.

To help you maintain your style's A-game, we've listed down all the tops that look best with layered necklaces. Stack up those strands and get started! 

1. Crewneck Tees

Since layered necklaces make quite the statement, they look best when paired with simple tops. For a casual day, why not match your jewelry with a crewneck tee? Whether you're into plain colors or prints, any shirt will instantly look dressier with your layered necklaces. To further elevate your look, throw on a blazer or add a colorful neck scarf.

2. Button-downs

If you plan on wearing necklaces of varying lengths, you can play it safe by wearing low necklines, and button-downs give you that option. Show a little decolletage and complete your silk or linen button-down with long necklaces and large pendants. For days when you feel like wearing short necklaces though, button-downs are still your safest bet! It's the most versatile piece you could wear with layered jewelry.


3. Ribbed tank tops

For days when you need to run errands or catch up with friends, why not go for something uber casual like a ribbed tank top? It's easygoing, comfortable, and hey, it's modestly hubadera. Glam it up by throwing on your layered necklaces, and feel free to play around with different kinds of chains (e.g. mix thin ones with chunky pieces). 

4. Camisole

If you want to show a little more skin, then nix the tank top for a camisole instead. Slip into a simple one in cotton for casual days, pair it with jeans, and splash on the jewelry. We love the pearl pendants mixed with a delicate chain choker in the outfit inspo above! For dressier occasions, like say, a night out with friends, opt for velvet camisoles in lush colors and pair with a maxi skirt.  

5. Cozy knits

If you think that throwing on a sweater doesn't leave any room for accessorizing, well, think again. The next time you head out to the mall in your favorite knit, why not consider piling on some necklaces while you're at it? It will instantly make your outfit look more polished and well put together—even though the only thing you did was throw on some jewelry. As seen above, you can even try layering a thin sweater with a printed dress for a fresh look. 

6. V-neckline tops 

If you're going to go all out with the layering, then go for something with a low neckline. V-neck tops work best if you'll be wearing long-chained necklaces. Also, if you've grown tired with the usual gold garb, then make like Leandra Medine-Cohen and add candy-colored chokers for good measure. 

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7. Square neckline tops

If V-necklines are too low-cut for your taste, you can opt for square necklines instead—they're universally flattering, too! Whatever fabric, color, or print you choose, a necklace party will make any square-necklined blouse look great. Wear with mom jeans on easygoing days and black trousers for dressier occasions (toss in a belt to look more polished). 

8. Turtlenecks 

We've named quite a number of slightly revealing tops, so here's something modest to refresh your sartorial palate: turtlenecks! As in every good outfit, the trick to making an impact is a good contrast. Layered necklaces work best with a bare decolletage, but it also looks great even when you're totally covered up. To up the ante, wear your turtleneck or mock neck top with a cool printed blazer or a corduroy jacket for texture! 

9. Cardigans

If you've been obsessed with the whole cardigan set trend, then why don't you complete your go-to look with tons of necklaces? Whether you like your cardigans in minimalist colors or cute '90s-inspired prints, layered jewelry will not only add a bold, feminine touch, but will also make you look more on-point than ever before. Trust us! 

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