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How to Match Your Colored Shoes to Your Outfit

Time to ditch your neutrals.
How to Match Your Colored Shoes to Your Outfit
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Time to ditch your neutrals.

Ah, shoes. Fashion girls know that whether you're a heel-wearing lady or a sneaker-loving gal, the concept of having enough shoes doesn't exist in your mind. And we don't blame you—there is an abundance of stylish footwear out there that's waiting to be purchased by you. But come honesty hour, despite the many hues and shades of shoes we own, we can't help but finish off a look with neutral-colored kicks. After all, neutral shoes can easily add polish to an outfit, plus are guaranteed to always match your looks.

But as 2019 trends would have it, bright colors continue to be a big mood in the foreseeable sartorial calendar, so it's high time we pay close attention to the pairs we slip on as we go about our day. Truth be told, there's no denying that reaching for colored heels requires a bit more thought to be put into your look versus a beige, white, or black option. But fret not, Preview reader, we're giving you a cheat sheet. Without further ado, here's your ultimate guide to matching your colored shoes to your outfit.


Get ready to be inspired to take your colored heels out for a spin below!

Rule of Thumb

Okay, here's the thing. While you're about to read our recommended color combinations, we thought it be wise to educate you on the general rules of colorplay. After all, the more you know about the rules, the more you can tweak them according to your style. Besides, no one can really memorize all these color combinations, anyway! Here are two basic rules to keep in mind:

1. Dress in monochrome.

When in doubt, go all the way and dress in one hue—yes, including your footwear. If you're wary about looking flat in a singular hue, add depth to your look by varying the shades and tones of your chosen color.

2. Match the color of your shoes to whatever color you have on your clothing.

If you're wearing printed garments that have too many hues, pick out one color from the options and match your shoes with it. As long as you can see that color on whatever you're wearing, your same-colored footwear will go seamlessly with your look.

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Pink pairs are undoubtedly sweet and feminine options to complete your dainty OOTDs. Hence, this color will suit pastel shades also. But don't be limited to canary yellows or sweet tangerines. Try cool tones like sky blue and mint green for a slight contrast. Light gray is also an interesting alternative to black if you're opting for a softer but more professional-looking OOTD.


Orange isn't a common shoe color that one could easily reach for. The hue has a tendency to sit at the polar ends of the color spectrum: too bright or too close to brown, but don't skip over it just yet. When worn with blues and whites, orange can act as a zesty accent to your attire. Meanwhile, wear it with earth tones, reds, and yellows, to warm up the tangerine shade. This helps to make these power colors look more refined and sophisticated.


Blue is often associated with calmness and ease, thus the color exudes a cool vibe. Consider pairing it with other shades of blue, green, and white to look extra polished. Wearing blue heels can also elevate your jeans, while its complementary colors like yellow, orange, and any neutral will bring out a sense of freshness to your attire.



If you look at the color wheel, green and red are right across from each other, making them complementary hues. But give this color combo a second thought, as you might end up looking like Christmas the next time you walk into a meeting. If you're looking for a warm tone, we suggest you look beside red and reach for orange. Alternatively, you can also rely on green's neighbor, yellow, to complement your look. But if you're in need of something less loud, reach for a neutral like black or brown to match your green footwear.


Red shoes, without a doubt, scream authority and boldness. And it's its domintating and eye-catching characteristic that you should heed. Be unapologetic and don a head-to-toe red look if you're looking to mean all business and no play. But should you need to soften the ensemble, pair your red steppers with orange and pink. If you want to further enhance the vibrant hue, navy blue and cobalt will help you achieve this.



Violet or magenta hues are definitely much more exciting than your average black shoe. It's cool, vibrant, and exudes a sense of sophistication to your looks. This hue will look great as a bold pop of color against your black lewks and adds more dimension to your outfits that come in blue and pink!


This sunny hue shouldn't be your last option when it comes to colored footwear. It is a bright, warm, and happy color that will liven up just about any outfit. You can also use yellow as a zesty punch of color if you're wearing cotton candy pastels, or add it on to your blue and green-laden OOTDs for a more refreshing look.


Gold shoes are a must in every fashion girl's footwear arsenal. On their own, they're already statement makers because of the shimmery finish that adds a dash of opulence to just about any outfit. To maximize the cost per wear of your gold footwear, pair them with black and white colors and let them be the focal point of the look. Meanwhile, if you style them with deep hues like cobalt, burgundy, and emerald, you'll have an OOTD that will underline your polished yet en vogue sartorial taste. 



If gold seems too glam for you, you can opt for another metallic that is a bit more closet-friendly: silver. This color is just as shiny as gold but unlike it, silvery pairs exude a futuristic vibe; sharp, but chic. This metallic option is more suited to be paired with blue jeans when tasked to be worn on a regular day. Silver shoes will also add polish to your white outfits and upgrade your blue looks.

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