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What's Your Preview Girl Personality?

Let these flatlays help identify the #PowerLook that best suits you.
What's Your Preview Girl Personality? Let these flatlays help identify the #PowerLook that best suits you.

A true #PreviewGirl is someone who’s confident in her own personal style. Whether you’re classy, laidback or edgy, what ultimately counts is how you can turn an ordinary #OOTD into a certified #PowerLook. In order to do so, you need a BFF who can give you all the support you need in the most fashionable way possible. It should be reliable and trustworthy at all times, and on top of that, it should be the perfect go-to accessory to complement your style.

With these in mind, Acer introduces its premium line that is all about merging style and power. Whatever fashion-forward ensemble you have in mind, there’s an Acer Premium notebook that best suits your taste.

Below, choose among these sophisticated tablet-laptop hybrids and decide which one completes your ultimate #PowerLook!


#PowerLook: You’re confident that you don’t have to try too hard in order to shine. Basically, you’re one of those Audrey Hepburn fans who unconditionally love timeless pieces that never go out of style. You only have eyes for clean lines, polished looks, and the finer things in life.

Your BFF: Aspire S7

The new Aspire S7 is so easy to carry, you might even forget it's there! Not to mention, it's the perfect finishing touch to your chic all-white ensemble.



#PowerLook: You’re the life of the party! Everybody expects you to show up and sweep them off their feet with your jaw-dropping style and impeccable taste. Your motto in life? Work and play.

Your BFF: Aspire R 13

Fit for a modern muse, Aspire R 13's sleek design and slender profile will instantly score you extra hearts on your #flatlays.


#PowerLook: You would never compromise comfort for style. As much as possible, you prefer to keep things simple yet functional. After all, even if you're just in a plain white tee, you'd still be able to outshine everyone else!


Your BFF: Aspire Switch 11

You can flip, rotate, or detach it in a snap! Just like your style, Aspire Switch 11 can effortlessly stand out and shine on its own.


#PowerLook: You’re a breath of fresh air! You love everything fun, quirky, and original. You don’t simply follow trends and get swayed by what the society dictates as hot or not. You don’t need to because it is your strong sense of individuality which makes you unique.

Your BFF: Aspire Switch 12

Step up your style game and go beyond the norm with Aspire Switch 12's latch-less appeal and detachable wireless keyboard. 


Have you figured out which one best suits you? Now watch this hilariously campy video about how Cherie Gil and Celia Rodriguez draw their power from the (contrabida) look—and pick up a thing or two about the timeless style of a diva while you're at it.

Let us know by sharing your #PowerLook on Acer PH's Facebook Page and you might just bring home a prize!

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