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What's Long, Yellow And Has So Much #peels?

We're going bananas over this sexy newcomer to the scene.
What's Long, Yellow And Has So Much #peels? We're going bananas over this sexy newcomer to the scene.

We have to admit, going to one Fashion Week after another can be cause for fatigue, yet we’re absolutely excited about the Manila Fashion Festival now on its second season.

From March 19 – 22, come to The Eye at Green Sun Hotel for the Fall/Winter ’15 presentation of hot young talents Mark Bumgarner, Bea Samson, Banggo Niu and in-house designer ARIN.

Take a first look at the five trends we’re seeing from the first looks courtesy of organizer Art Personas. They are:



 From left to right:

DYSTOPIAN: Melancholy greys from 1) Renan Pacson and 2) Rhett Eala.

SO MUCH #PEELS: Cool girl layers and expert pattern mixes from 3) ARIN and 4) Bea Samson.

LONG: Single color floor sweepers from 5) Mark Tamayo and (not pictured) Esme Palaganas.

TUBE NECKLINES: See lace and tulle takes by 6) Vania Romoff and 7) Veejay Floresca.

YELLOW: Pharrell would be proud of John Herrera (not pictured) and 8) Cheetah Rivera.

Excited yet? See below for the show schedules:

March 19 - Jerome Salaya-Ang, Happy Andrada, YAY, John Herrera, Jot Losa, Renan Pacson

March 20 - Anthony Ramirez, Charina Sarte, Chris Diaz, Veejay Floresca, Odelon Simpao, Michael Leyva

March 21 - Rhett Eala, Cheetah Rivera, Arin, Pablo Cabahug, Mark Bumgarner

March 22 (Afternoon show) - Banggo Niu, Esme Palaganas, Tony Evan, Bea Samson

March 22 (Evening show) - Mark Tamayo, Sassa Jimenez, Ziggy Savella, Vania Romoff, Jaz Cerezo

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