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What's it Like to Sit in the Front Row of a Fashion Show?

You have to be #RunwayReady, too.
What's it Like to Sit in the Front Row of a Fashion Show?



Attending a fashion show is an experience akin to visiting a museum: they're both opportunities to see works of art in all their splendid glory. But that's pretty much where the similarities end: unlike most museums, which invites visitors to come as they are, fashion show invites can be notoriously difficult to get hold of. And unlike some artworks which are best viewed from a certain distance, the best seats in the house during a fashion show are always in the front row—the perfect spot to scrutinize the outfits' finest details, as well as to see and be seen. 

In line with the upcoming TRESemmé Runway Ready Fashion Show, which you can view live on TRESemmé's Facebook page on May 3, 8 p.m., we ask people who have been seated in the FROW (the insider term for the front row) to tell us what’s it like just inches away from the runway spotlight:

"First of all, you get to feel like a VIP, 'cause the front row is where most style icons, experts, celebrities and the fashion elite are. And luckily, writers like me too! And yes, it’s worth overdressing. Second, there is always a rise in anticipation with fashion shows, much more if you’re [in the] front row 'cause you can really see the models and dresses up close! And it’s difficult not to be able to visualize yourself in them." - Justine, content marketer

"What common people usually [ask during fashion shows is] 'sino ba magsusuot niyan in real life?' Fashion shows are actually an elaborate scale of what actual wearable clothing would be. It’s all art. And this is what makes fashion shows super fun to attend to, especially when you get to be invited to spectate in the front row seats." - Leu Mil, fashion designer

"I’ve had many experiences with fashion shows way back when I was still into photography, but this one time I got to be seated in the front was a completely different experience. I realized that when you’re far away from the stage, you’ll miss all the stunning details of the collection—the colors, the movement, the shapes, and every detail." - Adrian, fashion photographer

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