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What Really Happens in a Photo Shoot, According to a Fashion Photographer

There’s a lot of hard work behind every photo.
What Really Happens in a Photo Shoot, According to a Fashion Photographer

In the movies, a fashion photographer’s job looks so easy and glamorous—indulging creative spurts, traveling to exotic destinations, and socializing with gorgeous models. What you don’t see is all the hard work behind the beautiful shots. There’s a lot of muscle, stress, and drama involved in creating an amazing photo. Here’s what really goes on behind the scenes of a fashion shoot:

There’s a lot of downtime.

It can take hours to make a model look camera-ready or create the perfect set. Most of the time, a fashion photographer just sits around waiting for hair and makeup to finish, a stylist to put together the perfect ensemble, and the production design team to bring to life the fantasy world illustrated in the storyboard.

You need more than just a camera to get the perfect shot.

It takes much, much more than just one click to create one amazing photo. Fashion photography requires choosing the right lens, determining the best lighting for a shoot, working with the best angle, and directing models on their next pose. Careful planning and research prior to shooting is very important to avoid mishaps and delays on set.

It can get crazy in a matter of seconds.

A fashion shoot can go from chill to chaotic just like that. In between trying to get the lights to work, dealing with the model’s mood, or acquiescing to the creative director’s every demand all on the spot, a photographer’s life (beyond the wait time) can get stressful. This stress takes a toll on the body, and photographers can suffer from fatigue, illnesses, and even hair fall. Manage the effects of stress by using haircare products that specifically address hair fall such as Dove’s Total Hair Fall range. The range includes shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-on treatment. The potent leave-on root treatment helps restore hair strength, helps nourish hair at the roots, and helps to lock hair firmly in place to prevent falling.

Learn more about what goes on in a fashion photographer’s life with this video:

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