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What Not To Say At Your Vogue Interview

Or, you know, your dream fashion job.
What Not To Say At Your Vogue Interview Or, you know, your dream fashion job.

You’ve spent half your life stalking the editors, designers, photographers, or big shot brand managers and finally, the day you’ve been waiting for has arrived. HR calls you up for the interview of your dreams. You know the names of everyone on the team, you've prepared the absolute perfect outfit and studied (or rather Googled) all the answers to the possible questions—or have you? When the nerves and jitters set in, it’s easy to go from knocking it out of the park to blowing it off in the most epic proportions. If you want to give yourself a chance to be a part of the biz, scroll down for things you should never, ever, say at your interview, straight from the personal experiences of experts in the biz.

 “We asked the girl what her expectations were and she said, Ayoko ng maarte.– Beauty Editor


You are about to enter the niche of  girls who are exactly that. If that’s how you truly feel, then it will be better if you just walk away. You will be surrounded by vain, shopping-loving, and “maarte” people—colleagues and clients included. Fashion girls are passionate about what they do, and truth be told, saying that makes you the one who's maarte.

“When asked about her favorite designer, she said Bal-meyn.”- A Fashion Editor 

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She just died a slow, painful, death. The industry you dream to be a part of is filled with tongue-twisting vocab words, so practice is essential. Do yourself a favor and pretty please open this fashion dictionary we made or watch videos on Youtube for tutorials on commonly mispronounced designer labels. 

“So what are the magazines you read? Her answer: The title that must not be named." - A Managing Editor


It's like saying you're a Kapuso at a Kapamilya interview. In fashion, as in life, rivalries can run deep. It might occur to your interviewer that you'd rather send your CV to the competition instead. Align your answers with the company you're applying for. On a side note, take a look at the masthead before you come in. You should know the job titles of the different people who work at the magazine, and address them with the level of formality that befits their job level.

“We asked the girl about current trends and her answer was so three seasons ago.” - A Fashion Designer


While this doesn't always spell doom (there is a learning curve, after all), it's always good to do your research. Read magazines or at least download the app instead of just stalking your girl crushes on Instagram.

"We asked a candidate to describe her personal style and she went straight into Beyonce territory." - A brand manager


First of all, there's only one Queen Bey. Broaden your list of style icons beyond the obvious, like, say, Coco Chanel. She was amazing, yes, but the answer is almost too universal. Please don't say her unless you've got a really unique reason.

"We asked, what is fashion to you? She said she didn't know and burst into an awkward laugh." - HR


Honey, you just committed a big fat sin, and it's not funny. This goes for all interviews across all businesses around the world. Learn how to talk your way through things without acting like you didn't prepare for it. That said, we do hope and pray that one day, you get the job. Good luck!

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