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What Is Bulgari's Serpenti Forever Bag and Why Do Celebs Love It?

What Is Bulgari's Serpenti Forever Bag and Why Do Celebs Love It?
Here's why the bag with the crystal snake is a cult classic.

It's probably fair to say that popular luxury bags can all look the same to the untrained eye. Printed monograms, letter logos, and supposedly tellate color schemes can be featureless and indistinguishable to fashion outsiders. In contrast, however, a bag bearing a bejewelled serpent head will be an instant point of interest and mystique. 

The serpent is a ingrained symbol, a fixture in collective knowledge; it's a mainstay in folk tales, myths, religion, and has the power to command either awe or fear. Placed front and center on a resplendent handbag from the renowned Italian brand Bulgari, the snake will yield universal luxury. 

That said, allow us to introduce you to the Serpenti Forever Bag, an under-the-radar piece that deserves a spot in your collection. 

What is the Serpenti Forever bag? 

The Serpenti Forever Bag is a luxury leather handbag from Bulgari. In addition to the multitude of styles and textures, it comes in enough colorways to rival a crayon box. Despite the exciting carousel of styles, each and every Serpenti Forever bag features the luxe snake head clasp. All snake heads are made of enamel, and the true treat are the eyes: They come in malachite, onyx, ruby, and other lovely stones. 

What is the history of Bulgari and their distinctive snake emblem?

Founded in 1884, Bulgari is a juggernaut Italian brand that has dressed fashion icons across generations. Apart from leather goods, they produce fragrances, varying accessories, and coveted fine jewelry. Elizabeth Taylor herself wore a diamond Serpenti watch in 1962; and, now, some of the most cherished, discontinued Serpenti pieces are reportedly being rented out for $1,500 a day. 


First designed in the 1940s, the Serpenti head symbolizes rebirth, as a snake continually sheds its skin. “The Serpenti is a symbol of power and seduction, but it is also transformative,” Bulgari’s creative director Lucia Silvestri said in an interview

What are the best Serpenti Forever bags? 

Despite the history and character of the Serpenti, the bags are palatable, elegant, and easily wearable with casual and modern outfits. Here, we have selected five core designs that finely represent the splendor of the Serpenti Forever bags. Take a look: 

1. Crossbody bag in white agate calf leather 

Featuring a dainty gold chain that mimics a snake's lithe body, this handbag is an edgy classic. The white leather bands give off an architectural feel, and are also reminiscent of the coquettish bodice straps found on dainty lingerie. This bag is a timeless statement piece void of kitsch.

bulgari serpenti forever bag

Serpenti Forever Crossbody Bag, Ref. 288918, €4,250, (approximately P246,500),  BULGARI

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2. Crossbody bag in agate-white "Camo" python skin 

>This luminous bag comes in a boxy, minimal shape, free of the arched handle. The dappled salt and pepper motif add a grungy depth to the otherwise simple design. Luxe black onyx comprise the eyes of the snake, making for a sleek, no-frills look.

bulgari serpenti forever bag

Serpenti Forever Crossbody Bag, Ref. 290546, €3,550, (approximately P205,900),  BULGARI

3. Shoulder bag in ruby red 

It doesn't get anymore luxe than this. Made with glossy crocodile skin, this ruby red unit comes with the signature brass strap, and a snake head partly made of red enamel. From its color to its finish, this bag embodies opulence. 

bulgari serpenti forever bag

Serpenti Forever Shoulder Bag, Ref. 286947, €26,500.00, (approximately P1,537,000), BULGARI

4. Shoulder bag in forest emerald

Deeper than blue and more piquant than black, a green luxury bag is an exciting wardrobe wild card. Since a regal emerald color is almost synonymous with all things serpentine, this classy silver-and-green piece deserves to be a candidate for your Serpenti Forever collection. It's made of karung skin (sea snake), and features green malachite snake eyes.

bulgari serpenti forever bag

Serpenti Forever Shoulder Bag, Ref. 283511, €3,220, (approximately P186,760), BULGARI

5. Crossbody bag in Fil Coupé python skin 

In contrast to the others, this Fil Coupé unit has a similar texture to pangolin scales, making for an understated yet intriguing look. Much like the gold-studded body, the snake head features ebony enamel with bronze glitter. Overall, this gorgeous bag resembles a night sky full of stars.

bulgari serpenti forever bag

Serpenti Forever Crossbody Bag, Ref. 287321, €3,750, (approximately P217,500),  BULGARI

How much are Serpenti Forever bags?

Serpenti Forever bag prices vary dramatically. Simple, solid-color leather crossbody bags can be purchased at the starting price of €1,960, which is approximately P113,680. On the other hand, stunning units like the ruby red crocodile shoulder bag cost €26,500, which equals a whopping P1,537,000. The average price would be around €3,000, or P174,000. 

Are Serpenti Forever bags worth it? 

Given that Bulgari uses a range of skins and undertakes production Italy, the price points are accordant. Excellent craftsmanship is also needed to manipulate the leather, perfect the fine metal hardware, and shape the flawless snake clasps. Additionally, purchasing a Serpenti Forever bag would also mean partaking in the long history of the iconic emblem. If you have a profound appreciation for art and fashion, this bag would make for a good investment. 

How do celebrities wear the Serpenti Forever bag? 

1. Keeping to an all-blue colors scheme, Heart Evangelista wore her Lavender Amethyst Serpetni Forever with cutoff denim jeans, a cornflower tweed blouse, and a baby blue tweed blazer. Her manicure and accessories matched, too!

bulgari serpenti forever bag heart evangelista

2. For the K-drama Hotel de Luna, IU wore a metallic grey bag with a mermaid-cut plaid skirt, ribboned white blouse, and chrome silver pumps. 

bulgari serpenti forever bag IU kdrama

3. BLACKPINK's Lisa herself wore a white Serpenti Forever with a black overcoat and denim jeans. 

bulgari serpenti forever bag blackpink lisa

4. Bella Hadid's Serpenti Forever features a unique coat of arms-like print. She paired it with a luxe, nude peach-hued satin dress. 

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