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What Is the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle and Why Do Celebrities Love It?

What Is the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle and Why Do Celebrities Love It?
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Carrying a Petite Malle is like carrying a piece of Louis Vuitton history!

Trust local celebs to tote around the coolest arm candies you've ever seen. Joining the ranks of Louis Vuitton faves like the Palm Spring mini backpack, Speedy, Twist, and more, is the adorable Petite Malle crossbody bag. Now, just what exactly is it that makes local celebs obsessed with this It bag? Find out everything you need to know about it below.

What is the Louis Vuitton Petite Malle?

The Petite Malle literally translates to mini trunk in french. This was fashioned after the popular trunk made over 150 years ago by Louis Vuitton himself, who by profession is actually a professional packer. The New York Times shares that "his first job in Paris involved folding the clothes of Empress Eugénie, the wife of Napoleon III, to fit snugly into her custom travel cases." He experimented and tried his hand in making trunks, and after a successful attempt, the rest was history for Louis.

Years later, Nicholas Ghesquière picked up the style of the trunk and shrunk it into a gorgeous crossbody bag as part of his debut collection as the French luxury house's creative director back in 2013.

PHOTO BY Louis Vuitton

Did you know? These three red markings are also lifted from the Louis Vuitton vaults. It was inspired by the signature personalization of the French financier and photographer, Albert Kahn. He didn't want to put his name or initials on his Louis Vuitton trunks so he marked them as such so he can spot his trunks right away. Till this day, though, the meaning of the marks are unknown.

How is it made and why is it so expensive?

The Petite Malle is created pretty much like its predecessor. The wood box is assembled first, lined with a thin layer of cotton, then dressed with Louis Vuitton's signature malletage pattern. To secure the leather, the artisans use Louis Vuitton's lozinage technique which entails individually hammering the brass nails into the border. Wooden slats are later on added to the exterior, and after which, a luxurious golden brass detailing and Louis Vuitton's engraved S-lock are attached to the mini trunk to finish the look. Oh, and did we mention all these steps are done by hand?

PHOTO BY Louis Vuitton
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A team of 30 skilled artisan is dedicated to the assembly of this tiny trunk in Louis Vuitton's workshop in Ducey, France. It is with this extreme attention to detail plus the history it carries that Petite Malles lug a pretty hefty price tag. A monogrammed canvas Petite Malle starts at $5500 or approximately P264,572. Prices go up further depending on the design, type of leather, and material the bag is made from.

Is it a practical investment?

In terms of visuals, it's a resounding yes! The Petite Malle si basically a tiny reminder of Louis Vuitton's humble beginnings and it's so cute! The amount of attention and craftsmanship that went into making the bag can surely justify the many zeroes it will set you back.

However, if you are after an everyday bag to stow your essentials, then you may want to skip buying this bag first. Its tiny dimensions can only accommodate a slim phone, a lipstick, and some cards slipped into the bag's tight pocket. Nonethe less, you ought to know that if you do decide to carry a Petite Malle, you'll be carrying a piece of history! 

Celebrities spotted with Louis Vuitton Petite Malle

Local celebrities have made sure to get their hands on this storied bag, apart from investing in Louis Vuitton's other notable totes. But with such a sturdy yet sharp-pointed silhouette, this bag is not that easy to style. So in case you've already purchased your very own Petite Malle, the next step is to find the best way to flaunt it! Here are local celebs who will gladly show you how to style your exquisite Petite Malle bag.


1. Kathryn Bernardo

A white LWD will look extra stylish with a monogrammed Petite Malle in tow.

PHOTO BY instagram/bernardokath

2. Liza Soberano

Balance out the bulky aesthetic of the bag with a soft and luxurious flowy fabric.

PHOTO BY instagram/lizasoberano

3. Kim Jones

Did we mention that Louis Vuitton's tiny trunks look super cool with their Archlight sneakers?

PHOTO BY instagram/kimcamjones

4. Dimples Romana

Keep it classy with a white button down and basic trousers. Your Petite Malle will shine for sure!

PHOTO BY Youtube/Dimples Romana Official

5. Iza Calzado

You can also take your teensy trunk to an evening affair! Polish off your LBD with a Petite Malle in hand.

PHOTO BY instagram/missizacalzado

6. KC Concepcion

It also works well with pieces that have sexy cutouts!

PHOTO BY instagram/itskcconcepcion
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