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What Is Karlie Kloss Majoring In At Nyu?

Former Victoria's Secret Angel is finally going to college.
What Is Karlie Kloss Majoring In At Nyu? Former Victoria's Secret Angel is finally going to college.

Following in the footsteps of the Olsen Twins and James Franco, Karlie Kloss is the latest celebrity to be accepted into New York University. Modeling full-time since 14, the 22-year-old retired from her Victoria's Secret duties to pursue her undergraduate degree at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. FYI, Gallatin is like the Hogwarts of NYU: strange, made-up programs students design themselves ("Grand Romantic Gestures," "Keepin’ It Real” and “Happiness Studies,” to name a few of those reported by the New York Times­) and invisible students that you only see half the time (they go home on vacation super early).

It almost makes us think that Ms. Kloss will be breezing like a gazelle through school, as in life. And while there's no word yet on what her concentration will be, here are some majors we think she should consider, made up by journalists from the NYU Local themselves:

1. Celebrity Culture: How to Like, Get Famous

She could offer some valuable insights from her 5-year stint as an Angel.

2. Fortune Cookie Pinata: An Inquiry into Chinese-Mexican Heritage in America as Studied Through Pop-Culture and Food


Because Karlie is helping feed the hungry from the proceeds of her own cookie line, Karlie's Kookies. Hopefully, this degree will help her a) debut a fortune cookie line and b) spell.

3. Febreze: Covering Up Bad Smells

For when the cookies (and other kitchen projects) burn.

4. Keyboard Cat Sluts: the Study of YouTube Cat Videos with Concern to Gender Roles

Something to chew on with bestie Taylor Swift and her cat, Olivia Benson. (Pictured above, on Karlie's Instagram.)

5. Trans-species/Non-verbal Communication: As Studied Through Cats and Humans Staring at Each Other (with a concentration in sustainable agriculture)


Extra Credit: Does that go for dogs, too?

6. Journalism: But Like The Idea Of It

Vogue iz haz journalizm, right?

7. There’s An App For That: the commercialization of individuality

The class will have access to a vital case study: Karlie's Instagram feed.

8. Mo Money Mo Problems: Comparative Hip Hop Economics


She could invite Bey's Les Twins for Show And Tell.

9. Cheeto Dusted Fingertips: A Study of Being Stuck in Adolescence


Thesis Proposal: "Modeling Made Me Grow Up Too Fast"

10. Pancakes and Their Metaphysical Implications: With a Focus in Syrup

Because unlike your typical fashion girl, Karlie doesn't skip breakfast. Sweet treats like pancakes, included.

11. Blue Steel: Modeling in the Industrial Revolution

Because, Zoolander.

12. Scarves: the Art of Draping Things Around Your Neck

Dear Teacher, Karlie's assistant wants to know if she should bring her Twilly or her oversized 90"?

13. The Money Shot: Fashion Documentary for Profit


Because models drippin' swag-oo.

Images via @karliekloss