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What Is Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag and Why Do Celebs Love It?

What Is Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag and Why Do Celebs Love It?
IMAGE instagram/itscamilleco, Bottega Veneta
Here is everything you need to know about Bottega Veneta’s iconic Cassette Bag!

Bottega Veneta is known for its quirky yet chic take on luxury items, from heels to handbags. We’ve seen the rise of its now-iconic Pouch and Jodie bags, of course. But we would remiss not to mention the Cassette bag! The notable bag fetauring maxi weaves rocked the 2020 runways of New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, and it’s not hard to see why.

Thinking of investing in your own Bottega Veneta arm candy? Here's everything you need to know about Bottega Veneta’s iconic Cassette Bag!

PHOTO BY Bottega Veneta

What is the Cassette Bag?

Introduced in Bottega Veneta’s 2019 Fall/Winter collection by designer and creative director Daniel Lee, the Cassette Bag instantly became a favorite in the fashion community. Probably it's because of its quirky yet chic design that can easily elevate and add texture to any outfit—may it be simple or fashion-week worthy! The style of the Cassette Bag is based on the Italian fashin house’s famous and storied Intrecciato weave design and is crafted with the highest quality nappa leather, varying from lambskin to calfskin.

PHOTO BY Bottega Veneta

ICYDK, the Intrecciato is a weaving technique that has become synonymous with the Italian fashion house, and in a way is the “logo” on these Cassette pieces. The Cassette Bag comes in five different yet similar versions that have different sizes and all come in the cutest colors. While it is still quite new to the fashion community, the Cassette Bag is undoubtedly on its way to becoming a classic and staple in everyone’s collection!

Who designed the Cassette Bag?

Soon after Daniel Lee took over the creative helm of Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta, the Cassette Bag was born. This bag design continues the Danile's unique je ne sais quoi approach when it comes to fashion. He veers away from logo-heavy pieces and instead, he creates instantly recognizable yet lowkey classic and iconic designs, just like the Cassette bag.

PHOTO BY instagram/Bottega Veneta
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What are the kinds of the Cassette bag? 

1. Padded Cassette Bag

The most popular variant of the bunch is the Padded Cassette bag probably because of its chic look and luxurious yet soft and pillowy leather from the orthogonal woven Nappa leather. The Padded Cassette Bag also features a triangle buckle on the crossboody strap which is a little touch of Bottega Veneta on this simple yet intricate logo-less piece. 

PHOTO BY Bottega Veneta

2. The Chain Cassette

Very similar to the Padded Cassette Bag, the Chain Cassette features a chain strap but instead of a leather one.

PHOTO BY Bottega Veneta

3. Cassette Bag 

Like its name suggests, the Cassette Bag is the unpadded variant of the handbag line. It definitely offers a more casual look compared to the Chain and Padded Cassette bags, so it’s perfect for everyday use!

PHOTO BY Bottega Veneta

4. Cassette Messenger 

Definitely the most uncommon variant, but it is undoubtedly still as chic and quirky as the rest! The Cassette Messenger is the vertical variant of the Cassettte Bag with an open main pocket and can be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag. 

PHOTO BY Bottega Veneta

5. The Belt Cassette 

The Belt Cassette is, well, a belt bag version of the Cassette bag. It still features the same Intrecciato Nappa leather as seen on the other variants, and comes in a ton of cute instagrammable colors too! 

PHOTO BY Bottega Veneta

How much is the Bottega Veneta Casette bag?

1. The Chain Cassette costs from $3790 to $3990 or approximately P184,177 to P193,896.

2. Padded Cassette Bag costs from $2850 to $2990 or approximately P138,497 to P145,300.

3. Cassette Messenger costs $2150 or approximately P104, 480.

4. Cassette Bag costs $2100 or approximately P102,050.

5. The Belt Cassette costs $1250 or approximately P60,744.

Why is it so expensive?

The Cassette bags feature Bottega Veneta’s hallmark weaving design, Intrecciato which is the weaving of delicate Nappa leather strands to form the unique and intricate look of the bag. The Cassette Bags are also crafted with the highest quality of leather by the fashion house’s craftsmen in Italy. The price of a Cassette Bag is not only the for bag itself but you're also essentially paying for the craftsmanship and effort put into it by the designers and craftsmen of Bottega Veneta.

PHOTO BY Bottega Veneta

How do local celebrities wear the Cassette bag?

1. Liz Uy

Go monochromatic in this all-white ensemble for a refreshing vibe.

PHOTO BY instagram/lizzzuy

2. Camille Co

Reach for a pastel version of the bag to tame your bright-hued OOTD.

PHOTO BY instagram/itscamilleco

3. Olivia Culpo

Opt for neutrals for a more laidback look.

PHOTO BY instagram/oliviaculpo

4. Joy of Red Velvet

The Chain Cassette bag goes well for daintty dresses, as seen on Joy.

PHOTO BY instagram/_imyour_joy

5. Hailey Bieber

Polish off your office look with a classic black Cassette bag. 


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