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What I Learned In My 15 Years In Fashion (And Preview)

Read an excerpt of Pauline Juan's last Fashion Sense.
What I Learned In My 15 Years In Fashion (And Preview) Read an excerpt of Pauline Juan's last Fashion Sense.

If you need one more reason to pick up Preview this month, then this is it: Pauline Juan's last issue as the glossy's editor-in-chief. Her last entry for her column, Fashion Sense, is quite the tear-jerker. Below, an excerpt from her column that'll keep you from ever questioning your love for fashion:

"I am scared shitless. It’s not every day that you decide to give up everything that you know and love for the unknown, but if there is anything that I have learned from 11 years in the fashion industry, it is to embrace change for it will push you forward.

Ever since I was a child, I have always felt deeply about fashion because I liked shoes and clothes; it was only much later, after a couple of years working in Preview, that I realized that I love fashion because it always champions the new. Yes, fashion taught me to be open to new ideas—to never say never. It sounds shallow because clothes are just, well, clothes, but if you condition yourself to adapt with the trends, then you are forced to evolve, to constantly evaluate what you like, and to be steadfast in the face of change.


I will always be grateful to fashion because this is where I found my community. 'I thought I was the only person who liked the things I did,' confided Associate Art Director Eugene David at the last Preview Talks held during Manila Fashion Festival. 'I found people who understood me,' he said when asked why we at Preview do what we do. Growing up, fashion people have always been called maarte for refusing to wear Crocs, or were labeled strange for wearing bell-bottoms wide enough to sweep the sidewalk with or applying lipstick so black it was in no way pretty. There is no need to explain with my Preview family (and this includes our contributors and readers). They get me. I am with my people and they will not judge if and when I go through 167 pages of shoe selections on Yoox when I want to clear my mind."

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Read the rest of Pauline's entry in our February issue here

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