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What Does Jed Root Inc.'s Closing Mean for Its Philippine Branch?

Questions, questions.
What Does Jed Root Inc.'s Closing Mean for Its Philippine Branch?
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/jedrootmanila; BJ Pascual for Preview Magazine, April 2017
Questions, questions.

Less than a week ago, news broke that top artist management agency Jed Root Inc. was officially ceasing its operations. With the company's shockingly sudden shutdown, we couldn't help but wonder: in what way will At East | Jed Root (also known as Jed Root Manila) be affected? Preview scores an exclusive interview with Shao Trinidad, Jed Root Manila's Sales & Marketing Director, to help clear the air.

What does the closing down of Jed Root Inc., mean for the Philippine/Asian branch/es?

"It in no way affects the operations of At East | Jed Root or our ability to continue to provide international caliber talent management services both in the Philippines and globally. This cessation of operations by Jed Root Group AG (owned by RPRT) only affects Jed Root offices in the United States and Europe.

At East | Jed Root is an entirely separate and independent company with separate owners, managers and financial standing. For clarity, none of Jed Root Group AG or any of Jed Root Group AG shareholders, creditors, vendors, partners or counter parties has any claim of liability against At East | Jed Root whatsoever. This recent news is a matter that exclusively affects Jed Root Group AG and the offices and companies Jed Root Group AG owns, which do not include At East | Jed Root."


IMAGE INSTAGRAM/jedrootmanila; BJ Pascual for Preview, March 2017

Is Jed Root planning to set up another agency? Is the concept exactly the same as Jed Root Inc.?

"Mr. Root has said he will put up Jed + Partners. It will be an artist agency as well but will be more compact and select."

IMAGE INSTAGRAM/jedrootmanila; Koji Arboleda for Preview, February 2017

What will happen to all the talents under the agency?

"For us in Manila, we are At East, Inc. doing business as At East | Jed Root or Jed Root Manila. Our legal counsel is ensuring we are compliant in all our contracts until we are able to make changes in our arrangements. We have a very strong personal relationship with Jed Root and will continue our relationship with him as he continues to mentor talents and agents here in Manila.

We had a meeting with all our talents last Sunday to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and also speak with them about the changes happening with the Jed Root Global Group. We have assured them of our strong financial and legal standing as a company. All of our talents within our roster remain with us, in fact, we are growing our roster as we speak.

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Internationally, talents have moved to other artist agencies the past few weeks. We have an unofficial list of the current lineup as shared by Jed and we are very happy and excited about this. But since his new agency website will be up soon, let's all wait to see which artists will be on Jed + Partners."

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