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5 Stylish Dudes and Their White Kicks

5 Stylish Dudes and Their White Kicks Your white sneakers can reveal a ton of things about you.

If sneakers could speak, what would yours say about you? If you think your spotlessly clean, crisp white sneakers suggest that you’re the kind of guy who likes to keep it plain and simple, well, you’re obviously downplaying it. Because deep inside, you know all too well that the smallest details found on your soles can reveal a ton of things about you—or at least we think it does.

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Switching up our menswear picks of the week, yet again, we’re zooming in on some of the freshest kicks we’ve seen on social media as we try to decipher what they could be saying about the wearer. Let’s begin.

David Guison


Shoe of choice: The Sportswear X Designer label collab (Raf Simons X adidas)

What is says: “I’m no basic bro. I know my designers just as well as my girl does. Add a speck of dirt on these crisp babies and we’ll have a major problem.”


Richard Juan


Shoe of choice: Low top canvas casuals (Pony)

What it says: “Deep down, I’m really just a kid who isn’t ready to grow up. But I’m definitely down for some fun. Question is, are you?”

Nikita Dobrynin


Shoe of choice: The basketball-shoe-turned-lifestyle-staple (adidas Superstars)

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What it says: “When it comes to kicks, I’m a little bit of a classicist.” Or “Oh these? Yeah, they’re so dope right now.”

Dan Dos Santos


Shoe of choice: The artisanal remake of a sportswear classic by a fashion label (Filling Pieces The Runner)

What it says: “True luxury is in the smallest details and I’m all for that.”


Victor Kan


Shoe of choice: The limited edition classic (NikeCourt Tennis Classic x Colette)

What it says: “I’m not always about the most hyped up model but I do take my sneaker game seriously. It’s all about taste.”

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