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Weekend Recap: March 17 To 21, 2014

Five days of style, art, and summer prep packed in a nutshell.
Weekend Recap: March 17 To 21, 2014 Five days of style, art, and summer prep packed in a nutshell.

Here at Style Bible, every week has a different story. We met dashing gentlemen, leveled up our summer prep, learned celebrity beauty tricks, and soaked ourselves in art, fashion, and beauty in a span of five days only—yes, that's how we roll! 

Raining Men

Xian Lim, Paul Soriano, and Rico Blanco spill their skincare rituals, while Sam YG, Enchong Dee, and Jericho Rosales reveal the #ootds that make them swoon over a girl. Also, if you want to style your beau this weekend, try on this sunny outfit idea to shake things up, or pick some tips from Richard Yap’s Giordano campaign.

Summer Ready

A pair of sunnies is a staple no matter what season we are in, but summer definitely calls for a snazzy pair of eye gear. Check out our top picks for aviators, mirrored glasses, round-framed shades, cat-eye sunnies, and for the adventurous, those with prints and colors.


If your wallet and bank account is disagreeing to expand your summer wardrobe, we teach you frugalista ways of spending stylish summer.

For those who plan to embrace the wild outdoors, you may slip on a stylish pair of sneaks care of Topshop and Adidas, bring a stylish, lightweight backpack, and make sure to apply enough sunscreen on your face, eyes, lips, hair, and body. You can also soothe sun-baked skin with these post-beach care picks.

Summer is also optimal for a radical hair transformation, so go ahead and take a cue from Kim Kardashian’s new haircut and Taylor Swift's brunette phase.  Plus, two Preview girls go head to head (pun, intended) and show us why blondes have more fun and how to rock as a redhead.

Beauty School

Steal the beauty secrets of pretty ladies Tricia Gosingtian, Bianca King, and Lily Collins.

You can also try to wear green makeup, know where to shop for the ultimate waterproof beauty loot, how to properly layer your favorite fragrance, and protect and glam up yourself with SPF-packed makeup.

Recommended Videos

Talent X Art

Watch the live art installations of talented artists from Preview's Art Fair, or feast on the creations of budding designers from SOFA's graduating class.

Phew! That's all for now, but visit us again tomorrow for fresh-of-the-press stylish news.

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