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10 Stunning Lace Wedding Gowns You'll Love for Your Big Day

If you want your bridal frock to look timeless, lace is your best bet.
10 Stunning Lace Wedding Gowns You'll Love for Your Big Day
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If you want your bridal frock to look timeless, lace is your best bet.

When we talk about wedding gowns, we can almost guarantee that you're already picturing the bride clad in a lace-laden dress. We don't blame you, though! Lace has long been associated with romantic and classic weddings that it's practically become a staple in nuptials. 

Choosing your wedding gown to feature lace automatically makes your frock stylish and elegant. It's a no-brainer choice if you're after a graceful and sophisticated vibe as you walk down the aisle. Additionally, if you want your bridal frock to look timeless and to stand the test of time, lace is your best bet. It's one of those fabrics that will never go out of style and is just as versatile to use. 

How to incorporate lace in your wedding gown


Lace can work wonders when used as sleeves. It's a clever way of getting coverage and sense of modesty without sacrificing your comfort. Here's a pro tip you can also consider: Use detachable lace sleeves so you can remove them in case you feel too hot during the reception.



Adding lace fabric on top of your plain white dress can look ethereal especially when it's used as an overlay on top of frothy layers of tulle.

Back detail

Not a fan of a full-on lace frock? Just add a peep of it on the back of your dress! It looks absolutely stunning, too when it's used to frame your back if you have a backless gown.


Pay close attention to how your train will look as you walk down the aisle. And the simplest way to elevate such an overlooked part of the dress? Yup, you guessed it—lace!


Not a fan of the whole lace shebang? Incorporate lace in the simplest way. Add a lace belt to cinch your waist. It's an understated accessory that will make all the difference, promise!

See? You don't need to be super sold on lace to be able to use it on your wedding dress. So whether you’re after something simple and modest or head-turning and eye-catching, wedding gowns with lace should still top your list!

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Here are stunning wedding gowns with lace that you'll want to wear on your most special day.

1. Match with trendy deets.

This ain't your grandma's lace! Incorporate the delicate lace fabric with romantic trendy details like today's popular puff sleeves to make it a lot more contemporary. Plus points if your sleeves come in sheer tulle for an airy yet delicate take on your wedding gown.


2. Channel your inner Kate Middleton.

Loved the Duchess of Cambridge's modest lace gown? Achieve the same effect by opting for a full lace bodice and sleeves. Make yours daintier by adding scalloped trims across the chest, like so!

3. Add texture.

Make your wedding frock look modern by opting for textured lace. If you're after simplicity, though, keep your gown's silhouette fuss-free and familiar to counter the lace's elaborate vibe.


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4. Let the lace take centerstage.

Ditch the sequins and shiny beads and let embossed lace embrace your curves!


5. Extend the lace to your train.

Wearing a gown covered in full lace will add a romantic flair to your gown, especially when it cascades down to your elaborate bridal train, too.

6. Keep it short and sweet.

Off to get hitched at the courthouse? Skip a full ball gown and go for a mini frock adorned with sweet lace and thin straps as you say "I do."


7. Unleash the hubadera in you.

Strategically placed floral lace can look sultry and sexy when done right. Pair the lace with sheer fabrics like tulle to achieve a translucent bodice and frothy skirt!


8. Use it as an accent.

Not a fan of a full-blown lace gown? Keep it simple yet still dainty by using lace as an accent to your minimalist wedding dress. 

9. Add flair to your sleeves.

Who says wedding gowns with sleeves have to be boring? Use lace to add an interesting touch to your long-sleeved gown like so.


10. Choose your lace prints wisely.

Not all lace fabrics are created equal. So, choose the pattern you go with carefully as this can make or break your wedding gown. Here's a pro tip, though: Large, floral printed lace textile is a unique and eye-catching pick many brides overlook!

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