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Bridal Special: Wedding Dresses Gone Astray

On your wedding day, will you be willing to take the road less traveled?
Bridal Special: Wedding Dresses Gone Astray On your wedding day, will you be willing to take the road less traveled?

Anyone who can take fashion risks—wedding dress included—earns our respect, big time. The days are changing, and so are traditions. We live in an era where people are constantly starting new customs and it’s clearly a trend that has reached that day all girls dream of at some point in their lives. From diverging from the norm of church weddings, to the themes, activities, and of course, the fashion, nuptials today are a far cry from those our parents and grandparents had.

People say that a wedding is really for the bride. But as you may have noticed, there are different types of brides. Some would rather stick to the traditional beauty of white and elegant gowns, while others prefer to stand out and show their personality. If you’re a bride-to-be who has yet to decide what to do with her dress (because you’re still too busy taking care of a million other things, of course) scroll down for a guide on non-traditional dresses with notes from some of the world’s most iconic style icons. 


The color that once represented anything childlike and young takes on the romantic, sweet, and feminine route once used as the main hue for a bridal dress. Jessica Biel’s Giambattista Valli ruffled petal pink gown, Gwen Stefani’s ombre pink John Galliano for Dior dress, Reese Witherspoon’s light pink Monique Lhuillier dress, and Anne Hathaway’s fairytale-like Valentino number were four interpretations of the pink trend that turned out pretty well. If this is more your personality, then go for it. Just remember to reserve the color for yourself instead of painting the entire entourage in the same sweet hue. Your flower girls and bridesmaids can just dress in a complementing tint that shouldn’t wash you out of the picture. 


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Love the dark color too much that you just have to take it to your nuptials, then go ahead! Sarah Jessica Parker did it in a design by Morgane Le Fay, Shenae Grimes went for it in Vera Wang, and Avril Lavigne committed to it in Monique Lhuillier complete with matching jet roses, so yes, it has been done. Just be sure about your decision because you wouldn’t want to regret it the same way SJP felt looking back at her wedding day years after. After your wedding, what’s done will be done, remember that. 

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There is no rule whatsoever about keeping your bridal gown at floor-length. If you don’t want to sweep the floor on your wedding and would rather go for a short one that will show off your gams and allow you to move around lightly, then we won’t stop you. Keira Knightley looked beautiful and carefree in her slightly overused Chanel dress she simply paired with a customized Karl Lagerfeld jacket, and Audrey Hepburn stuck to the tea-length Balmain and Givenchy dresses for both her weddings.  The upside to this is that you’ll be able to wear the frock as many times as you want! 

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If you really want to stand out and be remembered as that bride who took the risk, then you will need a bucket-full of confidence. Bianca Jagger, Elizabeth Taylor, Dita Von Teese, and Yoko Ono are all style icons in their own light, and they have one thing in common, they don’t care about what other people will say about their personal style. The original Mrs. Jagger ’s sexy YSL suit, Elizabeth Taylor’s yellow dress and flower crown “veil”, Dita Von Teese’s Vivienne Westwood purple taffeta gown, and Yoko Ono’s rather underwhelming hat, knee-high socks, wide-brimmed hat, and oversized sunnies combo are all unique ensembles will always be remembered.  If you want this memory for your wedding day, then start doing your research!


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