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5 Wedding Color Combinations That Will Dominate 2017

Calling all brides-to-be!
5 Wedding Color Combinations That Will Dominate 2017
Calling all brides-to-be!

The color palette you choose sets the tone of your wedding along with the theme of your choice. However, aside from the fact that there are so many colors to choose from, adding one or two more hues makes it a little more tricky. You don't want a palette that's too boring, or one that clashes, right? Below, we've rounded up five color combos that not only look good together, but are also poised to be on trend this coming year. You can use the mood boards we created below to help you decide on a color scheme. Get ready to pin them all!

1. French blue + Gold


Easy on the eyes, there's just something about the shade of the sky and sea that gives off a calm, cool, and collected feeling. Add in some hints of gold and you're on your way to a romantic and elegant wedding.

2. Burgundy + Orange


If you fancy a warm and bold celebration, then this color duo is for you. Use burgundy to add depth and orange to brighten everything up.

3. White + Natural green


Go au naturel with green and white. This combination will remind you of a fresh yet elegant theme. When strategically used, it can work for the minimalist and vintage-loving bride.

4. Blush + Peach

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You can't get any more delicate and sweet with blush and peach. It's a romantic pairing meant for brides-to-be who like to keep things simple, timeless, and undoubtedly chic in neutral shades.

5. Shades of Gray


Make no mistake. Gray isn't gloomy. In fact, it's a versatile color that works especially well with pink, mauve, and blue. Add in a silvery accent and you've got yourself an opulent and glamorous wedding!