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This Local Designer Creates Dresses Straight from Your Summer Dreams

Meet Wearing Miss Keith!
This Local Designer Creates Dresses Straight from Your Summer Dreams
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Meet Wearing Miss Keith!

Worry no more about what you're going to wear to the next wedding you're invited to, because celebrity stylist Keith Angelo has your answer. Turn to his fledgling made-to-order label, Wearing Miss Keith! Already gaining traction in the artista circuit for his breezy, summer-sweet aesthetic, you'll want to get a little something whipped up for yourself, too. These are pieces that can take you from beachside to bridesmaid in a sugary snapkeep scrolling to learn more about this homegrown brand.


How did Wearing Miss Keith start?

"I officially launched Miss Keith just last year actually around June. As a fashion stylist there were just dresses I couldn't find so that's how I made the decision to start to make my own clothes and designs. Slowly it grew from just individual dresses, [then] I'd be making a full collection, and little by little I started to cater to clients as well."

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Why the name Wearing Miss Keith?

"I think it's easy to remember and also easy to pronounce. Like if my client were to be asked, 'Who are you wearing?' they'd just reply simply: 'Miss Keith!'—simple and easy to remember."

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

"I love the tropical climate of our country, so that's what I find the most inspiring. That's why I gravitate towards summer themes and motifs like florals, beaches, and the sea."


How would you describe your label's look?

"The label is pretty close to my own personal style: [I like] fairly simple, easy clothes to wear, but always with a certain sweetness and class to them."

What's your favorite fabric to work with?

"I find myself working mostly with linens, printed organzas, and also crepe when going for that soft and billowing look."


What would you say is your specialty in terms of design?

"I think I always manage to create something feminine. I think that's special because I believe that femininity is a sign of strength. It takes a lot of guts to be a woman these days."

How would you describe the woman you design for?

"These are women who aren't afraid of being feminine and know that they are special. They are confident and they dress to show who they are."

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