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5 New Ways to Wear Dainty Jewelry

They'll give a brilliant twist to feminine pieces.
5 New Ways to Wear Dainty Jewelry

It’s a known fact that jewelry can dress up any outfit, and it can even elevate your look more when worn in ways you wouldn’t think to wear it. It highlights your personal style while also showing off your ingenuity. Below, some out-of-the-box ways to wear your jewelry:

1. Wear a pendant necklace backwards.

This super easy styling trick can make all the difference between a plain outfit and an expertly styled OOTD. Dangling a long chain necklace down your back is an unexpected and refreshingly sexy way to enhance an open-back ensemble and leave a lingering statement even as you walk away.

2. Use your accessories as hairpieces.

We love a good hair accessory, but there's nothing wrong with repurposing a necklace or bracelet into a hairpiece. You can use a bejeweled choker as a hairband, weave dainty chains through your braid, or update a simple top knot by looping a bracelet around the base. The options are endless, and the results fascinating.

3. Wrap a necklace around your ankle.

The ‘90s are back in a major way, and the anklet, one of the biggest accessories from the decade, has also returned. Instead of hunting for one, why not loop a short dainty necklace around your ankle to create a multi-layered piece? If you’re feeling a bit naughty and playful, wear your choker necklace around your thigh as a garter that peeks out ever so slightly from underneath a short, swishy skirt.

4. Draw attention to your waist with a chain necklace.

For a fresh, new way to pull off a flashy piece, wear a thin, delicate chain around your bare waist, just below a cropped top; or attach multiple necklaces to your belt loops for a stylish cascade that drapes across your hips.

5. Combine two bracelets to make a choker.

Take two bracelets in a similar style to create a personalized choker, or put together three or four to come up with a strand that has a lot of character. This styling hack tests your creativity and gives you a piece that you can really call your own.

Jewelry styling becomes even more fun when you can play with each piece to suit every outfit and occasion. For versatile, customizable jewelry, invest in pieces from Swarovski’s Remix Collection, which features strands fashioned with cute charms and magnetic clasps that you can combine however you want to create multi-strap bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories. You can wear them on their own or layered with others, so you’ll definitely have looks that match your personality.

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