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We Found Out Who Made Those Funny #BelleAdrien2016 Socks

You can customize your own pair, too!
We Found Out Who Made Those Funny #BelleAdrien2016 Socks You can customize your own pair, too!

Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat's wedding was nothing short of romantic and dreamy. But Belle and Adrien did not forget about their sense of humor, too. 

IMAGE INSTAGRAM adriensemblat

Vamos Socks, a brand of performance socks founded by Javy Olives and Drew Arellano, is responsible for Belle's witty wedding souvenir. The bride's idea came to life "with a help of a graphic designer and ordered it for Adrien's entourage." She quips, "I wanted Pinterest to short circuit if people saw it."


In an interview with Preview, we asked Javy how the collab came to be and how you can have your own pair of crazy custom-made socks, too.

Could you tell us how you and Drew came up with Vamos? What was your philosophy behind the brand?

"Vamos was founded in late 2013. Being avid runners and cyclists, we were looking on ways to have fun with our look. Also, we wanted to create something that has the power to transform one's mood and style. It was quite difficult for us to find products which suited our needs, so we decided to make our own, and that's how Vamos was born. Vamos aims to produce well-designed, functional pieces which not only look great but perform, too. We first started with performance socks aimed at runners and cyclists, and we now offer lifestyle and performance socks, trucker caps, performance shirts, and cycling kits.”

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How did Belle get in touch with you for her order? What was your reaction when she said she wanted socks with their faces on them?

IMAGE Courtesy of Isabelle Daza

IMAGE Courtesy of Isabelle Daza

The artwork Belle sent to Vamos socks.

"Belle reached out to Drew asking for help with her idea, and we were instantly onboard. The idea was absolutely hysterical so we were excited and could not stop laughing. We went back and forth several times and eventually came up with the finished product, which ended up to be quite awesome!"

What was the customization process like? We noticed that the design is actually quite tedious.

"Belle's socks are unique in the sense that no other Vamos socks have used the same process. Typically, Vamos designs are created using the thread themselves. In Belle's case, since the design was very intricate, we had to resort to a sublimation techniquea printing technique where the design is transferred via heat unto the sock."

Lastly, how can people have their own pair of custom socks (whether they want their faces printed or not)?



Moritz proudly showing off his #BelleAdrien2016 socks!

"For custom needs, you can reach us at sockstars @ For everything else, there's www.wearvamos.comCost would largely depend on how many items would be customized and how much collaboration is needed on the design side."

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