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We Dared Martine Cajucom To Do The Pose-Off Challenge With Her Favorite Ice Cream Bar

Watch what this IT Girl does to indulge during her break time.
We Dared Martine Cajucom To Do The Pose-Off Challenge With Her Favorite Ice Cream Bar

Resident cool girl and entrepreneur Martine Cajucom is a true master of her own art. As the creative brains behind a well-loved local sunglasses brand—which she also co-owns!—Martine is constantly immersed in the details of her job.

But everyone needs a break no matter how much they love their craft. A true artist, Martine does this by mixing play with her work. Her favorite things to indulge on when she wants to take a breather? Her favorite dessert, and of course, Instagram! 

Martine gives a literal and fashionable spin to "cool girl" with her love for Magnum. What better way to indulge on your breaks than sinking your teeth on a creamy ice cream bar, right? Magnum's perfect combination of smooth vanilla ice cream, cracking Belgian chocolate, and crunchy almond pieces is the perfect indulgent snack you need to instantly lighten your mood!

Watch the video to see how many poses Martine can do with her dessert in 39 seconds. We're definitely taking notes from her for our next selfie poses! 

Did you enjoy Martine's pose off challenge? Give it a try yourself!

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1. Choose 1 of any of the 3 dares using a Magnum Almond: (1) Blow a kiss, (2) Toast with a friend, (3) Play with perspective

2. Comment your entries in the comments section here or post on Instagram with the hashtag #DareToPlay (Make sure your IG is public!).

3. Winners will be contacted on Dec 30! #NeverStopPlaying

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DOH-FDA CFRR Permit No 1536 s. 2017

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